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=== Scoresheets ===
=== Scoresheets ===
[[Media:2018 Forsyth County Regional (GA) Rankings.pdf|2018]]
[[Media:2018 Forsyth County Regional (GA) Rankings.pdf|2018]]
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[[Category:Regional Pages]]
[[Category:Regional Pages]]

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The Forsyth County Regional is a regional tournament in the state of Georgia hosted by Forsyth Central High School (which also hosts the Forsyth Central Invitational).

Forsyth County Regional
State Georgia
Location Forsyth Central High School
Year Started 2017
Date February 9, 2019
B Champion Fulton Science Academy
C Champion N/A

Past Regional Champions

Division B Results
Year Champion Runner-Up Third Place Date Teams State bids
School States Place School States Place School States Place
2017 River Trail Middle School (104) 5th (264) Hightower Trail Middle School (109) 10th (320) Chamblee Middle School (141) 4th (222) 3/4/17 23 6
2018 Fulton Science Academy (90) 2nd (143) McCleskey Middle School1 (145) 5th (224) Autrey Mill Middle School (179) 12th (313) 2/10/18 23 5
2019 Fulton Science Academy (84) 1st (73) Taylor Road Middle School (101) 3rd (165) Five Forks Middle School2 (176) 5th (238) 2/9/19 29 6
1 A second team from Fulton Science Academy finished in second place with 121 points.
2 A second team from Fulton Science Academy finished in third place with 165 points.

Tournament Information