Friedell Middle School

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Friedell Middle School at a glance
Member of SO since 2009-2010
Best finish, regionals 1st, 2012 & 2013
Best finish, state 1st, 2013
Best finish, nationals 40th, 2013
Website [1]

Located in Rochester, Minnesota, Friedell Middle School has consistently done well at the Minnesota State Tournament. In 2013, Friedell represented Minnesota at the National Tournament. Friedell feeds into three local high schools, Rochester Century High School, Rochester John Marshall High School, and Rochester Mayo High School

In 2015, Friedell won the Boyceville Invitational (Division B) and was second at the Mounds View Regional Tournament.

In 2014, Friedell finished third at the Minnesota State Tournament to Chippewa Middle School and Highview Middle School. Friedell also finished third at the Boyceville Invitational (Division B) to Boyceville Middle School and Highview Middle School.

In 2013, Friedell won the 2013 Minnesota Division B State Tournament and finished 40th at the 2013 National Science Olympiad Tournament in Dayton, Ohio, with a 4th place finish in Shock Value, 9th place finishes in Reach for the Stars and Meterology, and an 8th place finish in Green Generation.

In 2012, Friedell finished second at the Minnesota State Tournament to Delano Middle School.

In 2011, Friedell finished third at the Minnesota State Tournament to Kenwood Trail Middle School and Delano Middle School

Results History

Year Boyceville Regionals States Nationals
2011 3rd -
2012 1st (27)* 2nd (101) -
2013 1st (36)* 1st (93)* 40th (867)
2014 3rd 3rd (122)* -
2015 1st (100) 2nd 2nd -
2016 2nd -
2017 2nd -
2018 11th 2nd -
*Not all events are held at Minnesota regionals.