Golden Gate Science Olympiad

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Golden Gate Science Olympiad
Location Bay Area
Year Started 2016
School Stanford and UC Berkeley
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Golden Gate Science Olympiad (GGSO) is a student-run volunteer organization in the state of California. They began hosting the Golden Gate Invitational in Spring 2017.

In addition to hosting tournaments, GGSO also is starting its Adopt-A-Team project, with the goal of mentoring/assisting the formation of new teams, as well as the Golden Gate Resource Center (GGRC), creating event guides and posting released exams open to the public.

Golden Gate Science Olympiad is officially run under the name Golden Gate Science League, a California 501(c)(3) nonprofit.


Members of GGSO are typically, but not necessarily, past competitors who attend either the University of California at Berkeley or Stanford University. The members come from schools within California and across the nation. Numerous members of GGSO help out at tournaments across the state and country, including Nationals.