Grand Haven High School

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Grand Haven High School
Location Grand Haven, Michigan
Member since 1986
No. of teams 2
Tryouts? Yes
Captains? Yes, 2
Best finish, regionals 1st, 2015 (Most Recent Time)
Best finish, state 1st, 2014 (Most Recent Time)
Best finish, nationals 1st, 1993-1994, 1997
Fed by Lakeshore Middle School

Grand Haven High School, located in Grand Haven, Michigan, has been a national contender since 1991. The team competes in Division C and has placed consistently at the regional, state, and national level.

Grand Haven can claim three national titles, which they won in a span of five years.

Results History

Grand Haven High School Results History
Year Regional Points State Points National Points
1986 1st 8th - -
1987 4th 15th - -
1988 2nd 8th - -
1989 2nd 3rd - -
1990 1st 9th - -
1991 1st 3931 2nd 3151 10th 781
1992 1st 4171 2nd 3161 8th 751
1993 1st 4111 2nd 2851 1st 1061
1994 1st 4261 2nd 3411 1st 3451
1995 1st 4441 1st 3951 4th 3061
1996 1st 4351 1st 3691 2nd 3901
1997 1st 3881 1st 3861 1st 3671
1998 2nd 4111 2nd 3321 4th 6181
1999 1st 4351 1st 5471 4th 5751
2000 2nd 4191 1st 5561 6th 6251
2001 1st 104 2nd 245 9th 437
2002 1st 105 1st 223 9th 438
2003 1st 118 1st 196 12th 418
2004 3rd 101 1st 161 2nd 311
2005 1st 64 2nd 185 7th 397
2006 1st 68 1st 124 2nd 212
2007 1st 59 1st 118 3rd 251
2008 1st 67 1st 169 6th 321
2009 1st 98 1st 180 2nd 205
2010 1st 85 1st 116 2nd 212
2011 1st 432 1st 852 6th 293
2012 1st 66 1st 136 3rd 235
2013 1st 60 1st 159 11th 399
2014 1st 75 1st 120 9th 360
2015 1st 63 2nd 153 9th 342
2016 2nd 97 4th 209 - -
1: Higher scores were more desirable at this competition
2: The event Sumo Bots was made a trial event


  • Grand Haven High School's Science Olympiad program started in the 1986 season, making 2016 the 31st year of the program.
  • Grand Haven High School has won the National title three times; in 1993, 1994, and 1997.
    • Grand Haven's first National title, in 1993, was won by beating Irmo High School in an overall tiebreaker (three first places to two).
    • Despite winning the National title in 1993 and 1994, Grand Haven did not get its first state title until 1995.
    • Grand Haven currently has five National runner-up titles (1996, 2004, 2006, 2009, 2010), the most in the nation.
  • From 1991 to 2015, Grand Haven had attended every national tournament, coming to a total of twenty-five appearances at the National tournament.
  • Grand Haven High School has 17 state titles.
    • Grand Haven's longest streak of state champion titles is 9 years (2006-2014).
    • Grand Haven has never failed to qualify for the state tournament.
  • Grand Haven High School has won the Michigan Science Olympiad Region 12 Tournament twenty-four times.
    • Grand Haven's longest streak of regional titles is 11 years (2005-2015).

Event Placements

2016 Event Placements
2016 Event Placements
Event Regionals States
Air Trajectory 4th 9th
Anatomy and Physiology 2nd 4th
Astronomy 5th 6th
Bridge Building 2nd 4th
Cell Biology 1st 12th
Chemistry Lab 9th 9th
Disease Detectives 3rd 2nd
Dynamic Planet 1st 7th
Electric Vehicle 4th 1st
Experimental Design 2nd 3rd
Forensics 1st 13th
Fossils 2nd 4th
Game On 1st 25th
GeoLogic Mapping 1st 6th
Green Generation 2nd 21st
Hydrogeology 2nd 13th
Invasive Species 4th 1st
It's About Time 1st 21st
Protein Modeling 1st 2nd
Robot Arm 12th 7th
Wind Power 14th 18th
Wright Stuff 4th 19th
Write It Do It 19th 2nd
2015 Event Placements
2015 Event Placements
Event Regionals States Nationals
Air Trajectory 16th 18th
Anatomy and Physiology 5th 21st
Astronomy 1st 12th
Bridge Building 3rd 22nd
Bungee Drop 2nd 2nd
Cell Biology 10th 15th
Chemistry Lab 24th 40th
Compound Machines 1st 27th
Disease Detectives 2nd 15th
Dynamic Planet 7th 7th
Entomology 2nd 10th
Experimental Design 2nd 13th
Forensics 9th 6th
Fossils 4th 10th
GeoLogic Mapping 12th 32nd
Green Generation 6th 3rd
It's About Time 15th 25th
Mission Possible 3rd 16th
Protein Modeling 8th 20th
Scrambler 4th 9th
Technical Problem Solving 5th 10th
Wright Stuff 9th 4th
Write It Do It 3rd 5th
2014 Event Placements
2014 Event Placements
Event Regionals States Nationals
Anatomy and Physiology 2nd 18th
Astronomy 2nd 7th
Boomilever 1st 5th
Bungee Drop 5th 35th
Chemistry Lab 14th 44th
Circuit Lab 4th 23rd
Compound Machines 1st 16th
Designer Genes 13th 38th
Disease Detectives 2nd 11th
Dynamic Planet 9th 6th
Elastic Launched Glider 13th 21st
Entomology 2nd 9th
Experimental Design 4th 17th
Forensics 16th 10th
GeoLogic Mapping 8th 6th
MagLev 6th 36th
Materials Science 3rd 10th
Mission Possible 1st 1st
Rocks and Minerals 2nd 18th
Scrambler 1st 7th
Technical Problem Solving 7th 8th
Water Quality 1st 9th
Write It Do It 3rd 5th
2013 Event Placements
2013 Event Placements
Event Regionals States Nationals
Anatomy and Physiology 1st 5th
Astronomy 3rd 7th
Boomilever 3rd 3rd
Chemistry Lab 23rd 28th
Circuit Lab 14th 21st
Designer Genes 4th 17th
Disease Detectives 14th 23rd
Dynamic Planet 2nd 4th
Elastic Launched Glider 5th 24th
Experimental Design 1st 7th
Fermi Questions 8th 19th
Forensics 7th 1st
Forestry 1st 16th
Gravity Vehicle 17th 15th
MagLev 10th 30th
Material Science 5th 19th
Remote Sensing 3rd 4th
Robot Arm 2nd 16th
Rocks and Minerals 5th 14th
Technical Problem Solving 16th 35th
Thermodynamics 8th 43rd
Water Quality 4th 15th
Write It Do It 3rd 33rd
2012 Event Placements
2012 Event Placements
Event Regionals States Nationals
Anatomy and Physiology 4th 5th
Astronomy 1st 2nd
Chemistry Lab 14th 23rd
Disease Detectives 1st 3rd
Dynamic Planet 1st 3rd
Experimental Design 1st 10th
Fermi Questions 3rd 15th
Forensics 9th 9th
Forestry 1st 4th
Gravity Vehicle 13th 3rd
Helicopters 1st 2nd
Microbe Mission 3rd 1st
Optics 25th 29th
Protein Modeling 12th 21st
Remote Sensing 5th 4th
Robot Arm 2nd 22nd
Rocks and Minerals 1st 4th
Sounds of Music 2nd 9th
Technical Problem Solving 18th 28th
Thermodynamics 1st 22nd
Towers 4th 11th
Water Quality 2nd 2nd
Write It Do It 12th 3rd
2011 Event Placements
2011 Event Placements
Event Regionals States Nationals
Anatomy and Physiology 2nd 11th
Astronomy 1st 16th
Chemistry Lab 2nd 9th
Disease Detectives 2nd 13th
Dynamic Planet 2nd 7th
Ecology 6th 7th
Experimental Design 1st 28th
Forensics 1st 7th
Fossils 2nd 2nd
Helicopters 1st 8th
Microbe Mission 7th 24th
Mission Possible 7th 20th
Mousetrap Vehicle 7th 18th
Optics 2nd 33rd
Ornithology 2nd 15th
Protein Modeling 7th 7th
Remote Sensing 2nd 21st
Sounds of Music 1st 6th
Sumo Bots 14th
Technical Problem Solving 2nd 3rd
Towers 1st 2nd
Wind Power 4th 9th
Write It Do It 23rd 13th
2008 Event Placements
2007 Event Placements
2005 Event Placements
2005 Event Placements
Event Regionals States Nationals
Astronomy 13th
Bottle Rocket 53rd
Cell Biology 41st
Chemical ID 2nd
Chemistry Lab 12th
Compute This 42nd
Designer Genes 13th
Disease Detectives 2nd
Dynamic Planet 9th
Experimental Design 10th
Fermi Questions 51st
Forensics 17th
Forestry 2nd
Fossils 1st
Health Science 3rd
Mission Possible 8th
Physics Lab 5th
Practical Data Gathering 5th
Remote Sensing 18th
Robot Ramble 25th
Storm the Castle 2nd
Tower Building 56th
Wright Stuff 7th
2004 Event Placements
2004 Event Placements
Event Regionals States Nationals
Astronomy 11th
Bottle Rocket 33rd
Cell Biology 25th
Chemistry Lab 24th
Designer Genes 13th
Disease Detectives 10th
Dynamic Planet 3rd
Experimental Design 5th
Forestry 5th
Fossils 1st
Mission Possible 4th
Physics Lab 11th
Polymer Detectives 17th
Practical Data Gathering 23rd
Qualitative Analysis 7th
Remote Sensing 23rd
Robot Ramble 21st
Science of Fitness 3rd
Sounds of Music 4th
Storm the Castle 32nd
Tower Building 3rd
Wright Stuff 16th
Write It Do It 17th
2003 Event Placements
2003 Event Placements
Event Regionals States Nationals
Boomilever 32nd
Bottle Rocket 14th
Cell Biology 30th
Chemistry Lab 28th
Compute This 34th
Designer Genes 15th
Disease Detectives 1st
Dynamic Planet 28th
Experimental Design 4th
Feathered Frenzy 16th
Fossils 6th
Mission Possible 29th
Physics Lab 23rd
Polymer Detectives 11th
Practical Data Gathering 20th
Qualitative Analysis 8th
Reach for the Stars 14th
Remote Sensing 14th
Robot Ramble 3rd
Science of Fitness 7th
Sounds of Music 9th
Wright Stuff 29th
Write It Do It 43rd