Hamilton Middle School (Wisconsin)

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This page is about a Division B school in Wisconsin. For other schools, including those in MI, MT, and MD, see Hamilton Middle School.

Hamilton Middle School (Wisconsin)
Region Southeast
Member of SO since 2010
Feeds to Madison West High School
Tournament Host Badger Invitational
Results History
Best regional 1st
Best state 1st
Best nationals 12th, 2012, 2017

Hamilton Middle School is a Division B school located in Madison, Wisconsin. The team has qualified for the national competition every year of its existence, and is known for bringing cheeseheads to the swap. The school feeds to Madison West High School.

Results History

2018 Wisconsin State Tournament
SONT 2016 at UW-Stout
Year States Score Nationals
2010 1st 105 34th
2011 1st 116 16th
2012 1st 85 12th
2013 1st 106 20th
2014 1st 100 27th
2015 1st 95 27th
2016 1st 82 18th
2017 1st 42 12th
2018 1st 46 16th
2019 1st 45 16th
2020 cancelled - -
2021 1st 36 23rd