Harriton Festivus

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Hey party people, just wanted to bring up this cool "experimental" competition that we will be running in February!

This “invitational” will offer you the opportunity to participate without a traditional team structure, allowing schools to participate with a minimum level of event conflicts and as many students as they would like. This event will be held on February 9th, 2013 at Harriton High School and open to any school that shows up, regardless of state.

Basically, every event will be run for three time slots (builds will be running for all six), with open signups online for every event. There will be no team aspect for the competition, every event will be scored by pairs of partners, instead of team. Awards will be given out for each event, but team standings will not be considered, allowing schools to bring as many students as possible!

Visit our website for more info: [1] If you have any questions email us at info@h2s2o.com.

Hope to see you there!