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     | 2021 = {{Strb row
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         | div_b_champ        = [[Highlands Intermediate School]] (22)
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         | div_b_champ_nats    =  
         | div_b_runnerup      =  
         | div_b_runnerup      = [[Iolani School]] (30)
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         | div_c_champ        = [[Iolani School]]
         | div_c_champ_nats    =  
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         | div_c_runnerup      =  
         | div_c_runnerup      = [[Pearl City High School]]

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General Information
Member of SO since 2005
Total teams 29
Division B Champion Highlands Intermediate School
Division C Champion Pearl City High School
State Tournament Location MiniSO
Website http://www.hsso.org

Hawai'i has part of the National Science Olympiad since 2005. They made their first national tournament appearance in 2008 with Highlands Intermediate School in Division B and Farrington High School in Division C.


For the first few years, the champions from Hawaii varied from year to year and did not fare very well at nationals, but in recent years Iolani School has taken control of division C and has placed well in the finals. In 2019, Pearl City High School won Division C for the first time, taking over Iolani. Highlands Intermediate School, within recent years of their win streak at states, has started to progressively place better at nationals with 23rd, 12th, and 13th at Wright State, Colorado State, and Cornell respectively.

In 2019, Hawaii was experimenting with running the full capacity of 23 events. They ran 23 events that year, however only 20 counted and the remaining 3 did not count toward the final score and were awarded as trials.

In 2021, due to COVID-19, Hawaii will be running MiniSO for Regionals and States. Only 17 events will be official for states, with two trials: Digital Structures and AgriBio. In addition, the State tournament will be open-internet.

Past State Champions

This is a record of the past state champions and runners-up, and their respective places at the national competition, if applicable. Scores at the state competition may be shown in parentheses.

Season Division B Division C
Champion Runner-Up Third Place Champion Runner-Up Third Place
Team Nats Place Team Nats Place Team Team Nats Place Team Nats Place Team
2008 Highlands Intermediate School 59th Farrington High School 58th
2009 Highlands Intermediate School 57th Waimea Canyon Middle School Mililani High School 57th Pearl City High School
2010 Maui Preparatory Academy (34) 59th Waimea Canyon Middle School (36) Mililani High School (25) 53rd Konawaena High School (43)
2011 Maui Preparatory Academy (30) 60th Punahou Case Middle School (35) Iolani School (33) 39th Mililani High School (48)
2012 Iolani School (44) 29th Maui Preparatory Academy (59) Iolani School (27) 42nd Mililani High School (57)
2013 Highlands Intermediate School (37) 51st Iolani School (46) Mililani High School (33) 51st Iolani School (51)
2014 Iolani School (42) 33rd Highlands Intermediate School (56) Iolani School (45) 32nd Mililani High School (73)
2015 Highlands Intermediate School (46) 29th Iolani School (51) Iolani School (55) 25th Mililani High School (82)
2016 Highlands Intermediate School (32) 29th Iolani School (64) Iolani School (34) 19th Pearl City High School (79)
2017 Highlands Intermediate School (24) 23rd Iolani School (35) Iolani School (37) 29th Pearl City High School (65)
2018 Highlands Intermediate School (29) 12th Iolani School (39) Iolani School (35) 29th Pearl City High School (52)
2019 Highlands Intermediate School (31) 13th Iolani School (35) Pearl City High School (45) 34th Iolani School (50)
2020 Cancelled due to the 2019-20 Coronavirus outbreak
2021 Highlands Intermediate School (22) Iolani School (30) Iolani School Pearl City High School

State Competition Results

Division B
Division C



Hawaii is an archipelago consisting of eight major islands, four of which hold Science Olympiad regional tournaments. The four that hold tournaments are Oahu, Hawaii Island, Maui, and Kauai. Each island only hosts one tournament, with the exception of Oahu. Most of these tournaments are hosted at the island's respective University of Hawaii campus, with the exception of the Windward Regional which is hosted by James B. Castle High School. Teams on Oahu can choose which regional tournament on the island they'd like to attend and are not restricted by location.

COVID-19 has caused many teams to fall out and as a result, regionals will be held inter-island. Division C has 22 teams split into 11 teams in 2 regionals. Division B has 7 teams all in 1 regional. They will all be held from 2/1-2/6.

2021 Slate

  • Leeward/Outer-Island Regional
  • Honolulu Regional
  • Unnamed Division B Regional

Usual Slate


Defunct Tournaments

Hawaii Island




Division B

Academy of the Pacific Middle School
Ewa Makai Middle School
Hanalani School
Hawaii Baptist Academy
Highlands Intermediate School
Hilo Intermediate School
Homeschool Science Club
Hongwanji Mission School
Iolani School
Island School
Kahuku Intermediate School
Kalanianaole School
Kapaa Middle School
Kapolei Middle School
Kaua'i Middle School
Kihei Charter School
Lahaina Intermediate School
La Pietra School for Girls
Le Jardin Academy Middle School
Lokelani Intermediate School
Maui Preparatory Academy
Mid-Pacific Institute Middle School
Mililani Middle School
Military Home Educator's Network
Punahou Case Middle School
Risen Lord Academy Middle School
Saint Anthony Junior High School
Seabury Hall Middle School
St. Catherine School
Stevenson Middle School
University Laboratory School
Voyager Public Charter School
Waikoloa Middle School
Waimea Canyon Middle School
Waipahu Intermediate School

Division C

Academy of the Pacific High School
Baldwin High School
Campbell High School
Damien Memorial School
Farrington High School
Hanalani High School
Hawaii Baptist Academy
Henry Perrine Baldwin High School
Iolani School
Island School
James B. Castle High School
Kahuku High School
Kalani High School
Kapaa High School
Kaua'i High School
Kawaikini New Century Public Charter School
Kea'au High School
Kealakehe High School
Kekaulike High School
Konawaena High School
Lahainaluna High School
La Pietra School for Girls
Leeward Community College Upward Bound High School
Maryknoll School
McKinley High School
Mid-Pacific Institute
Mililani High School
Moanalua High School
Pearl City High School
Radford High School
Roosevelt High School
Saint Anthony Senior High School
Waipahu High School

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