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==Results History==
==Results History==
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{|class="wikitable sortable" style=:text-align: center"
! Year !! State !! Nationals
! Year !! State !! Nationals

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Henry B. du Pont Middle School
Member of SO since 1985
Results History
Best regional N/A
Best state 1st, 2018 (Most recent time)
Best nationals 2nd, 1986

H.B. du Pont Middle School is a Division B school that competes in Delaware. They have been competing nationally since the beginning of the Science Olympiad in 1985, and have qualified for the National tournament 33 times. 1999 and 2019 are the only two years they haven't gone to Nationals, being defeated by Corpus Christi School and Conrad Schools of Science, respectively.

Results History

Year State Nationals
1985 1st 4th
1986 1st 2nd/4th1
1987 1st 9th
1988 1st2 8th
1989 2nd2 13th
1990 1st2 5th
1991 1st 34th
1992 2nd2 46th
1993 1st 41st
1994 1st 33rd
1995 1st 43rd
1996 1st 21st
1997 1st 20th
1998 1st 42nd
1999 2nd -
2000 1st 37th
2001 1st 38th
2002 1st 35th
2003 1st 29th
2004 1st 26th
2005 1st 27th
2006 1st 29th
2007 1st 34th
2008 1st 29th
2009 1st 33rd
2010 1st 31st
2011 1st 24th
2012 1st 32nd
2013 1st 35th
2014 1st 35th
2015 1st 32nd
2016 1st 34th
2017 1st 37th
2018 1st 42nd
2019 2nd -
1H.B. du Pont Middle School was allowed to send two teams to Nationals in 1986.
2It is unknown whether H.B. du Pont placed 1st or 2nd at state; guesses are made based on Nationals results.