Hinsdale South Invitational

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Hinsdale South Invitational
General Information
Hinsdale South Invitational is located in Illinois
Hinsdale South Invitational
Location Darien, Illinois
Year started 2007
Division C
Date December 12th, 2015

Hinsdale South Invitational is a Division C invitational hosted by Hinsdale South High School in the state of Illinois. The invitational hosts around 25 teams. Team scores are not calculated, but the top teams in each event receive medals. As of 2017, the high school is no longer hosting this invitational.


Division C Results
Year Champion Runner-up Third Place Fourth Place Fifth Place Date Teams
2007 12/9/06
2008 12/15/07
2009 2/28/09
2010 Not held
2011 12/11/10
2012 12/10/11
2013 12/8/12
2014 12/14/13
2015 12/13/14 24
2016 12/12/15

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