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|1stBName=J.C. Booth Middle School
|1stBName=J.C. Booth Middle School
|2ndBName=White Pines Middle School
|2ndBName=White Pines Middle School
|3rdBName=Solon Middle School
|3rdBName=Solon Middle School
|1stCName=Troy High School
|1stCName=Troy High School
|2ndCName=Grand Haven High School
|2ndCName=Grand Haven High School
|3rdCName=Centerville High School
|3rdCName=Centerville High School
|Host=Indiana University
|Host=Indiana University
|Total teams=120
|Total teams=120

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Indiana University 2006
2006 SONT logo.jpg
General Information
Indiana University is located in Indiana
Indiana University
Indiana University
HostIndiana University
Tournament Information
Total teams120
Host StateFlagOfIndiana.gif Indiana
Division B
1st J.C. Booth Middle School 280
2nd White Pines Middle School 280
3rd Solon Middle School 305
Division C
1st Troy High School 172
2nd Grand Haven High School 212
3rd Centerville High School 260

Qualifying teams for the 2006 National Tournament & Results

Division B

School State Place Points
J.C. Booth Middle School Georgia 1st 280
White Pines Middle School Michigan 2nd 280
Solon Middle School Ohio 3rd 305
Arden Middle School California (North) 4th 357
Chardon Middle School Ohio 5th 375
Paul J. Gelinas Junior High School New York 6th 387
Lakeshore Middle School Michigan 7th 397
Marie Murphy School Illinois 8th 401
A.W. Coolidge Middle School Massachusetts 9th 418
Thomas Jefferson Middle School Indiana 10th 435
Eagle Hill Middle School New York 11th 441
Community Middle School New Jersey 12th 445
Davidson IB Middle School North Carolina 13th 446
Ladue Middle School Missouri 14th 457
Pembroke Hill Middle School Missouri 15th 470
Muscatel Middle School California (South) 16th 496
Gulf Breeze Middle School Florida 17th 511
Fairfield Jr. High School Utah 18th 569
Longfellow Middle School Virginia 19th 585
Wilbur Wright Middle School Indiana 20th 589
ExCEL Homeschoolers Washington 21st 612
Canyon Park Junior High School Washington 22nd 613
Auburn Junior High School Alabama 23rd 627
Park Crest Middle School Texas 24th 629
Stroudsburg Junior High School Pennsylvania 25th 641
Arendell Parrott Academy North Carolina 26th 649
Bearden Middle School Tennessee 27th 667
South Middle School Illinois 28th 687
Henry B. du Pont Middle School Delaware 29th 694
Kealing Middle School Texas 30th 695
Drake Middle School Alabama 31st 700
Delano Middle School Minnesota 32nd 723
Mission Middle School Nebraska 33rd 724
Ames Middle School Iowa 34th 729
Menomonie Middle School Wisconsin 35th 729
Paul Breaux Middle School Louisiana 36th 733
Rising Starr Middle School Georgia 37th 739
California Trail Junior High School Kansas 38th 762
Sewickley Academy Middle School Pennsylvania 39th 778
Bismarck-Mandan Homeschool North Dakota 40th 786
Yankton Middle School South Dakota 41st 797
Charles Robinson Middle School Kansas 42nd 807
Alice Vail Middle School Arizona 43rd 821
Eagleview Middle School Colorado 44th 848
Corbin Middle School Kentucky 45th 859
Tri-State Homeschool Delaware 46th 883
Big Timber Grade School Montana 47th 888
Bell Street Middle School South Carolina 48th 937
St. Joseph's Catholic School Idaho 49th 956
Albuquerque Area Home Schoolers New Mexico 50th 957
Marshall Middle School Wisconsin 51st 959
Hyde Park Middle School Nevada 52nd 968
Teeland Middle School Alaska 53rd 976
Franklin Middle School Oregon 54th 1061
Irving A. Robbins Middle School Colorado 55th 1076
Valley City Junior High School North Dakota 56th 1076
Our Lady of Mercy School Rhode Island 57th 1076
Sage Valley Junior High School Wyoming 58th 1186
Trinity Episcopal Day School Mississippi 59th 1150
Mayfield Middle School Oklahoma 60th 1360

Division C

School State Place Points
Troy High School California (South) 1st 172
Grand Haven High School Michigan 2nd 212
Centerville High School Ohio 3rd 260
Fayetteville-Manlius High School New York 4th 303
Penncrest High School Pennsylvania 5th 305
Mira Loma High School California (North) 6th 345
Maine-Endwell High School New York 8th 352
Solon High School Ohio 7th 352
Harriton High School Pennsylvania 9th 368
Prairie High School Washington 10th 379
West Windsor-Plainsboro High School South New Jersey 11th 388
Poudre High School Colorado 12th 430
West Ottawa High School Michigan 13th 481
Acton-Boxborough Regional High School Massachusetts 14th 511
The Charter School of Wilmington Delaware 15th 512
New Trier High School Illinois 16th 515
Ames High School Iowa 17th 533
Oak Ridge High School Tennessee 18th 586
Niles West High School Illinois 19th 596
Parkview High School Georgia 20th 616
Madison West High School Wisconsin 21st 619
Westminster Schools Georgia 22nd 625
Kapaun Mt. Carmel Catholic High School Kansas 23rd 631
East Chapel Hill High School North Carolina 24th 645
Baton Rouge Magnet High School Louisiana 25th 646
Oak Park High School Missouri 26th 658
Yankton High School South Dakota 27th 668
Northridge High School Indiana 28th 669
Pembroke Hill High School Missouri 29th 673
Russell Independent High School Kentucky 30th 673
Liberal Arts and Science Academy Texas 31st 676
Randolph School Alabama 32nd 681
Cypress Falls High School Texas 33rd 689
Classical High School Rhode Island 34th 716
Bloomington High School South Indiana 35th 719
Washington High School North Carolina 36th 729
Irmo High School South Carolina 37th 730
Mounds View High School Minnesota 38th 734
Wichita Collegiate School Kansas 39th 760
Catalina Foothills High School Arizona 40th 771
DuPont Manual High School Kentucky 41st 824
Layton High School Utah 42nd 841
Langley High School Virginia 43rd 845
Albuquerque Academy New Mexico 44th 886
Bishop Kelly High School Idaho 45th 900
Jamestown High School North Dakota 46th 915
Gulf Breeze High School Florida 47th 921
Bellevue West High School Nebraska 48th 925
Central Dakota Home School North Dakota 49th 956
Auburn High School Alabama 51st 959
Corvallis High School Oregon 50th 959
Waterville Senior High School Maine 52nd 962
Alexis I. duPont High School Delaware 53rd 1017
Putnam Science Academy Connecticut 54th 1077
Chugiak High School Alaska 55th 1080
Fergus High School Montana 56th 1134
Campbell County High School Wyoming 57th 1144
Pershing County High School Nevada 58th 1189
Putnam City High School Oklahoma 59th 1307
Greenville Weston High School Mississippi 60th 1382

2006 Nationals Website: http://www.indiana.edu/~nso/

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