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Irvine High School is a high school in Irvine California. They have a Science Olympiad team.

Irvine High School is a high school that is not Troy but is better than Troy. Although Troy may have won Nationals like idk 9 times or something, and have placed first at state every year, I will have you know that Irvine High School is going to state this year, and placed 7th at Regionals. We also went to state last year. Let's also use some logic. Troy High School begins with a T. Irvine High School begins with an I. I is before T in the alphabet. Therefore, we can deduce that Irvine High School precedes Troy High School and is ipso facto (did I use that right) better than Troy High School. Their swim team also sucks (check and look up Troy High School for proof they are Division II). Let's use some more logic. I personally know someone from Irvine that went to Harvard. Out of the like twenty people that got into Harvard and Stanford and Caltech and MIT from Troy, I don't know any of those nobodies. Again, this proves that Irvine High School is far superior to Troy High School (p<0.01).

As the great transcendentalist and Science Olympiad god Ralph Waldo Emerson once proclaimed at the amphitheater of Irvine High, for he was an Irvine High alumni and teacher, "The greatest glory in living lies not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall." Irvine High falls a lot more than Troy High in Scioly competitions; however, because of Emerson's scientific theory, we rise more, thereby once more proving our superiority and greatness over Troy High School. Don't be NaCl-y (salty). *drops mic*

Troy High School's namesake is the ancient country of Troy, which no longer exists. In case you didn't know, Troy was conquered by Greece, which lies to the west of the Ionian Sea. Ionian begins with an I. Do you know what else begins with an I? Irvine High School. Therefore, just as the late Troy was conquered by Greece, so too will the Scioly plebeians of Troy be conquered by the gods of Irvine. Furthermore, the Irvine Vaquero mascot rides horsies and because the Troy Pegasus mascot is a genetically deformed horsie, the Irvine Vaquero is superior (see Figure 1). Pegasus.png

Also, Troy High School is ranked 62nd in California while Irvine High School is ranked 163rd. 163 is a greater number than 62, and so, by this logic, Irvine is greater than Troy.

In other news, UCI is better than CalState Fullerton, and Irvine has a lower crime rate than Fullerton.

Now I gotta go study to wreck y'all in state. Peace. *picks up mic and drops mic again* (sorry the first time wasn't emphatic enough) (Sorry i picked up the mic again to make sure it wasn't scratched) (It's not scratched luckily) (Don't worry guys we gud).

Trojan Vaquero.png