Jenks Invitational

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Jenks Invitational
General Information
LocationJenks High School
Year started2019
Division C ChampionCasady School
DateDecember 7th, 2019
Division C Results
1st Casady School 48
2nd Norman North High School 66
3rd Prestonwood Christian Academy 100

The Jenks Invitational is a Division B and Division C invitational hosted by Jenks High School in Jenks, Oklahoma. The tournament was first held for the 2019 season.


Division C

Division C Results
Season Champion Runner-up Third Place Fourth Place Fifth Place Date Teams
2019 Norman North High School (134) Southmoore High School (155) Casady School (157) Jenks High School (157) Prestonwood Christian Academy1 (171) 12/1/18 12
2020 Casady School (48) Norman North High School (66) Prestonwood Christian Academy (100) Jenks High School (103) Putnam City High School2 (139) 12/7/19 13
1 In 2019, a second team from Jenks High School took 5th with 169 points.
2 In 2020, a second team from Prestonwood Christian Academy took 5th with 117 points.

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