Katy High School

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Katy High School

Katy High School At a Glance
Member of SO since 2002
Best finish, regionals 2011, 2010, 2009, more - 1st
Best finish, state 3rd- 2005, 2004, 2003
Best finish, nationals

We have been doing Science Olympiad since 2002 in Texas.

Katy High is fed by WoodCreek, West Memorial, and Katy Junior High (the first two of which have B division teams.)


- Amiee Modic- AP and Pre-AP Chemistry teacher

- Tammie Brown- AP and Pre-AP Physics teacher

Past coaches:

- Martha Williams (2002-2005?)

Katy High School's SO team usually has between 15 and 25 members in a given year. We typically attend the CyFalls invitational and the regional as an A & B team. Assignment to A team is usually based on seniority; B team exists to build experience and give other team members something to do; they usually do not compete a full complement. At regionals we generally only put as many on A team as are needed to cover all of the events being held. State is, of course, attended as A-team only, with a full complement of 15.

Regionals attended over the years: Blinn College (2002-2008), Galveston (2009-2011), Beckendorff ("Katy") (2012)


Regionals: 2012- 4th 2011- 1st 2010- 1st 2009- 1st 2008- 3rd 2007- earlier: I will provide this information when I get a chance to go get it off the trophies.

State: 2011- 7th 2010- 5th 2009- 5th 2008- top 10 2007- 4th 2006- top 10 2005- 3rd 2004- 3rd 2003- 3rd