Katy Regional

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Katy Regional
General Information
Location Beckendorff Junior High School
Division B Champion Seven Lakes Junior High
Division C Champion Stephen F Austin High School
Date March 23, 2019
Website KRT

The Katy Regional Tournament is held at Beckendorff Junior High School and hosts both Division B and Division C in the state of Texas. Events at the Katy Regional Tournament are generally run by the families of students at Beckendorff Junior High School and Seven Lakes High School.

Texas features open regionals, so teams may attend any regional they wish. More information on Texas Science Olympiad can be found here


Past Regional Champions

This is a record of the past Regionals champions and runners up, and 3rd place and their respective places at the state competition. Scores at the regional competition are shown in parentheses. The tournament has been run for nearly a decade; however, not all of the scores are known.

Division B Results
Year Division B Champion B Champ States Place Division B Runner-up Division B Runner-up States Place Division B Third Place Division B Third Place States Place
2017 Roberson Middle School (61) 11 Hamilton Middle School (85) 21 WoodCreek Junior High School (88) 15
2018 Tays Junior High (115) 5 Seven Lakes Junior High School (126) 4 WoodCreek Junior High School (127) 8
2019 Seven Lakes Junior High (73) 5 Bonham Middle School (88) 3 WoodCreek Junior High School (104) 6
Division C Results
Year Division C Champion C Champ States Place Division C Runner-up C Runner-up States Place Division C Third Place Division C Third Place States Place
2017 Cinco Ranch High School (54) 6 Stephen F Austin High School (59) 14 Langham Creek High School (61) 10
2018 LASA (44) 3 Cinco Ranch High School (94) 7 Langham Creek High School (98) 8
2019 Stephen F Austin High School (64) 4 Cy-Falls High School (77) 10 Langham Creek High School (95) 21


Division B
Division C
Division B
Division C
Division B
Division C

External Links

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