Kilmer Middle School

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Kilmer Middle School

Kilmer Middle School is named after the famous poet Joyce Kilmer. Last year, the school created its first-ever Science Olympiad team and went to compete in the Virginia Regionals and States.



In the 2009-2010 school year, one of three Kilmer teams placed 7th at the Regionals, their highest place. At the State Tournament, they managed to place in the top 5 (5th place overall).



In the 2010-11 year, the number of students who participated skyrocketed from last year's figures. 3 teams were chosen to compete at Regionals, but they competed in the Rustin Invitationals (in PA) in late January. Kilmer finished 2nd overall, falling a few points short of defeating the esteemed Strath Haven Middle School.


In late February, Kilmer participated in the Langley Regionals, the first tournament of two held in Virginia. Kilmer consistently placed in the top 5, and managed to place 2nd overall. They finished with 99 points, beating one team by just 1 point. The first place team finished with 69 points, a wide margin.


Kilmer managed to narrow down the 3 teams to just one to take to the State Tournament. 19 schools participated in the States. The Kilmer team placed 1st in the State, a big improvement from last year's 5th place. They finished with 93 points, beating the 2nd place team by 15 points (108). Kilmer will be participating in the National tournament in Madison, WI from May 20-22.


Kilmer has not qualified for the National tournament before 2011. By winning the State Tournament in 2011, they have qualified for the National tournament in Wisconsin.


Here are the scores from the State Tournament (2011).

2011 State scores
Event Place
Anatomy 5th
Awesome Aquifiers 2nd
Battery Buggy 3rd
Bottle Rocket 5th
Can't Judge A Powder 2nd
Compute This 1st
Science Crime Busters 5th
Disease Detectives 1st
Dynamic Planet 7th
Ecology 4th
Experimental Design 2nd
Fossils 9th
Junkyard Challenge 1st
Meteorology 4th
Microbe Mission 4th
Optics 9th
Ornithology 2nd
Road Scholar 4th
Shock Value 4th
Solar System 2nd
Storm the Castle 4th
Towers 2nd
Write It Do It 11th