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Kraemer Middle School is located in Placentia, California. It is in the Orange County Regionals and Southern California State, competing in Division B. They maintain a close relationship with rival Jeffrey Trail Middle School. Contrary to popular belief, even though they are only about a mile away, they don't feed directly into Troy High School.

Results History

Year Regionals States Nationals
2014 5th 12th -
2015 2nd 6th -
2016 1st 2nd -
2017 2nd 2nd -
2018 1st 2nd -
2019 1st 1st 6th

About Kraemer Science Olympiad

Kraemer Science Olympiad has been improving every year under the guide of head coach Shaun Evola and is ready to do their best. The school has progressed very far and will continue to become better.

A Message from Jeffrey Trail

The Jeffrey Trail Science Olympiad team would like to congratulate you on your state victory! Even though the loss was heartbreaking (and definitely crushing), you guys truly deserve the honor of representing Southern California at the National tournament. Good luck and nats and see y'all in later competitions!

From Padre to KMSSO 2019

Don't know who will be the first person to see this, but thank you guys for a great season. I am proud of what you guys have accomplished this year. We take pride in being one of the hardest-working teams out there, and you all demonstrated this concept marvelously this year. I look forward to coaching you all in the future. If you are reading this before SOSI (July 15-19), please take a break.

- Padre

#NiagaraFallsIsInIdaho #NoRegrets