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Ladue Middle School
Member of SO since 1993
Results History
Best regional 1st, 2018 (Most Recent)
Best state 1st, 1993-1995, 2001, 2003, 2005-2006, 2010, 2012-2017
Best nationals 7th, 2005

Ladue Middle School is a Division B school located in Ladue, Missouri, that feeds into Ladue Horton Watkins High School and has qualified for the 2017 National Tournament and the Missouri 2018 state competition. Ladue Middle School competes in the Missouri Region 6 (St. Louis Area). Ladue Middle School is a common competitor in Division B at the National Competition.

Contrary to popular belief (by opposing schools), we do NOT have a Science Olympiad class! If YOU here someone say that we do have a class, SPEAK UP and say the truth! Thank You!


The LMS logo

Ladue Middle School currently has one of the most Curry Hats. These Curry hats will however not be up for trade at the National Swap Meet. (If we qualify)

What will be up for trade is the following:

1. A random pencil that was found on the floor of a Ladue Middle School. WARNING: This item might be in high demand! This item might be out when you come to our table so if you want this VERY valuable item, come fast! (Farmerjoe279)

2. A random book that was found on the floor of a Ladue middle school. HOWEVER, note this item is in very high dmeand! If you want some valuable stuff, come quick!

3. Computer parts: We will have some VERY valuble computer parts, so come to our table fast!

More trades will be added later.

Results History

A graph of the performance of Ladue Middle School at Nationals from 2001 (Last Updated 2018)
Year National Points State Points Regional Points
1993 13th 56.0 1st
1994 15th 189 1st
1995 13th 211 1st
1996 11th 232
1997 - -
1998 19th 470 2nd
1999 15th 491 2nd
2000 19th 444 2nd
2001 22nd 567 1st
2002 22nd 658 2nd
2003 19th 499 1st
2004 28th 620 2nd
2005 7th 408 1st
2006 14th 457 1st
2007 T-17th 525 2nd
2008 - - 3rd
2009 26th 583 2nd 111
2010 11th 456 1st 93
2011 27th 615 2nd 147
2012 22nd 633 1st 70 1st
2013 22nd 539 1st 79 1st
2014 8th 404 1st 62 1st
2015 13th 434 1st 59 1st
2016 14th 431 1st 72 1st
2017 14th 438 1st 65 1st
2018 1st 39
National tournaments prior to 2001 used the old high score wins method of scoring, with varying points cutoffs.

National Top 3 Awards Gallery

Year Medals
2017 Microbe Mission - 1st

Road Scholar - 1st

Ecology - 3rd

2016 Bio-Process Lab - 2nd

Potions and Poisons [TRIAL] - 3rd

2015 Anatomy and Physiology - 1st

Wheeled Vehicle - 1st

Entomology - 2nd

2014 None
2013 Sounds of Music - 3rd
2012 None
2011 Microbe Mission - 1st

Experimental Design - 3rd

2010 Ornithology - 2nd

Pentathlon - 2nd

2009 Road Scholar - 1st
2008 Not qualified
2007 None
2006 Meteorology - 1st
2005 Crime Busters - 3rd
2004 None
2003 Life Science Process Lab - 1st

Science of Fitness - 1st

2002 Road Scholar - 1st

Dynamic Planet - 2nd

2001 Wright Stuff - 1st


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