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Lake Braddock Secondary School (LBSS), located in Northern Virginia, is a Division C team that consistently places top 6 in Virginia's State Tournament's. LBSS also competes in the Lake Braddock/UMW Regional and places top 2 consistently there.

LBSS Science Olympiad consists of three teams - Gold, Purple, and White.

Lake Braddock Secondary School
Member of SO since
Results History
Best regional 1st, 2012, 2018
Best state 4th, 2012, 2018-2019
Best nationals N/A

Lake Braddock Invitational

The first Lake Braddock Invitational was held on December 14, 2019, open to all Division B teams. Tests were written by the Division C LBSS students, and over 40 teams registered for the competition. LBSS plans to host more invitationals in the future.

Power teams that attend the invitational:

Results History

State and Regionals

Year Regionals State
2012 1st (97) 4th (138)
2013 3rd (128) 6th (137)
2014 2nd (119) 5th (133)
2015 4th (124) 6th (156)
2016 3rd (106) 6th (176)
2017 6th (214) 6th (205)
2018 1st (124) 4th (193)
2019 2nd (85) 4th (196)
2020 2nd (98) TBD


Location Gold Team Purple Team White Team
Cornell 18th
National Cathedral 18th
Fairfax 5th 30th 23rd
Duke 6th


Location Gold Team Purple Team White Team
National Cathedral 5th
Fairfax 5th 25th 30th
UPenn 30th