Lower Merion High School

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Lower Merion High School
Member of SO since
Results History
Best regional 2nd, 2001-2004
Best state 2nd, 2003
Best nationals 7th, 2003

Lower Merion High School is a C Division team that competes in the Southeast region of Pennsylvania. It has experienced major success in its history, and qualified for nationals in 2003. It is in the same school district as Welsh Valley Middle School and Bala Cynwyd Middle School and receives students primarily from Bala Cynwyd.

The team is defined by a democratic culture, with each team member voting on major decisions, co-captains frequently soliciting feedback from team members, an "open" invitational schedule, and a distinctive level of focus on first-year and sophomore members. Recently, there has been a major push to diversify the team.


Year Solon Conestoga Cornell Regionals States Nationals
2001 2nd 5th XX
2002 2nd 7th (253) XX
2003 1st 2nd (96) 2nd (137) 7th (347)
2004 1st 2nd 3rd XX
2005 3rd 3rd 3rd (211) XX
2006 1st 3rd (140) 5th (247) XX
2007 4th 4th XX
2008 4th 4th (204) XX
2009 6th 9th (321) XX
2010 6th (191) 7th (286) XX
2011 7th (190) 8th (310) XX
2012 6th (152) 6th (201) XX
2013 5th (149) 6th (256) XX
2014 7th (206) 17th (416) XX
2015 8th (351) 7th (198) 6th (240) XX
2016 15th (417) 6th (206) 5th (146) 6th (253) XX
2017 6th (303) 4th (131) 3rd (157) XX
2012 Event Places
2012 Event Places
Event Regionals States
Anatomy & Physiology 8th 2nd
Astronomy 11th 10th
Chemistry Lab 8th 16th
Disease Detectives 7th 4th
Dynamic Planet 3rd 13th
Experimental Design 1st 4th
Fermi Questions 2nd 3rd
Forensics 5th 5th
Forestry 7th 8th
Gravity Vehicle 4th 12th
Helicopters 2nd 7th
Microbe Mission 6th 3rd
Optics 13th 20th
Remote Sensing 14th 8th
Robot Arm 3rd 8th
Rocks and Minerals 4th 8th
Protein Modeling 14th 3rd
Sounds of Music 3rd 27th
Thermodynamics 10th 4th
Technical Problem Solving 21st 7th
Towers 6th 7th
Water Quality 1st 4th
Write It Do It 11th 18th
2013 Event Places
2013 Event Places
Event Regionals States
Anatomy & Physiology 6th 19th
Astronomy 8th 22nd
Boomilever 8th 7th
Chemistry Lab 5th 21st
Circuit Lab 11th 18th
Designer Genes 4th 13th
Disease Detectives 13th 7th
Dynamic Planet 7th 2nd
Elastic Launch Glider 2nd 2nd
Experimental Design 3rd 3rd
Fermi Questions 11th 15th
Forensics 5th 8th
Forestry 10th 5th
Gravity Vehicle 4th 11th
Mag Lev 11th 10th
Materials Science 5th 4th
Remote Sensing 6th 9th
Robot Arm 12th 14th
Rocks and Minerals 1st 2nd
Technical Problem Solving 7th 16th
Thermodynamics 4th 22nd
Water Quality 2nd 7th
Write It Do It 4th 21st
2014 Event Places
2014 Event Places
Event Regionals States
Anatomy & Physiology 4th 7th
Astronomy 8th 12th
Boomilever 11th 25th
Bungee Drop 7th 10th
Chemistry Lab 26th 15th
Circuit Lab 10th 13th
Compound Machines 10th 20th
Designer Genes 7th 23rd
Disease Detectives 4th 11th
Dynamic Planet 8th 11th
Elastic Launch Glider 11th 32nd
Entomology 6th 27th
Experimental Design 6th 28th
Forensics 4th 8th
Geologic Mapping 8th 15th
Mag Lev 21st 30th
Materials Science 8th 22nd
Mission Possible 4th 13th
Rocks and Minerals 14th 29th
Scrambler 5th 32nd
Technical Problem Solving 13th 7th
Water Quality 7th 7th
Write It Do It 4th 19th
2015 Event Places
2015 Event Places
Event Conestoga Regionals States
Air Trajectory 24th 6th 6th
Anatomy & Physiology 9th 16th 12th
Astronomy 11th 6th 8th
Bridge Building 20th 5th 9th
Bungee Drop 17th 32nd 5th
Cell Biology 22nd 7th 16th
Chemistry Lab 13th 4th 9th
Compound Machines 19th 16th 29th
Disease Detectives 3rd 5th 12th
Dynamic Planet 7th 5th 13th
Entomology 13th 15th 7th
Experimental Design 11th 2nd 8th
Forensics 12th 1st 8th
Fossils 18th 5th 8th
Geologic Mapping 16th 5th 10th
Green Generation 7th 6th 2nd
It's About Time 23rd 4th 10th
Mission Possible 17th 14th 15th
Protein Modeling 22nd 11th 9th
Scrambler 14th 7th 13th
Technical Problem Solving 11th 8th N/A
Wright Stuff 28th 13th 5th
Write It Do It 14th 5th 26th
2016 Event Places
2016 Event Places
Event Conestoga Cornell Regionals States
Air Trajectory 6th 1st 2nd 2nd
Anatomy & Physiology 15th 9th 6th 11th
Astronomy 30th 9th 4th 9th
Bridge Building 4th 4th 1st 4th
Cell Biology 12th 10th 15th 8th
Chemistry Lab 20th 8th 9th 5th
Disease Detectives 11th 4th 7th 19th
Dynamic Planet 17th 7th 3rd 5th
Electric Vehicle 11th 16th 5th 15th
Experimental Design 8th 2nd 6th 17th
Forensics 27th 3rd 5th 25th
Fossils 12th 7th 6th 10th
Game On 22nd 13th 4th 5th
Geologic Mapping 7th 2nd 7th 6th
Green Generation 25th 7th 5th 1st
Hydrogeology 12th 3rd 2nd 5th
Invasive Species 25th 9th 3rd 2nd
It's About Time 22nd 14th 5th 15th
Robot Arm 22nd 23rd 12th 27th
Protein Modeling 22nd 11th 9th 23rd
Wind Power 27th 12th 8th 18th
Wright Stuff 26th 18th 2nd 6th
Write It Do It 34th 14th 20th 15th
2017 Event Places
2017 Event Places
Event Islip Conestoga Tiger SOUP* Regionals States
Anatomy & Physiology 47th 11th 14th 16th 3rd 6th
Astronomy 14th 3rd 5th 9th 10th 3rd
Chemistry Lab 9th 15th 5th 6th 4th 4th
Disease Detectives 14th 17th 14th 5th 6th 4th
Dynamic Planet 10th 33rd 10th 13th 5th 4th
Ecology 12th 10th 3rd 3rd 3rd 1st
Electric Vehicle 13th 17th 5th 27th 2nd 17th
Experimental Design 21st 6th 2nd 8th 7th 19th
Forensics 16th 10th 11th 10th 4th 9th
Game On 3rd 8th 5th 9th 2nd 4th
Helicopters 31st 4th 9th 9th 6th 8th
Hovercraft 14th 2nd 3rd 5th 4th 8th
Hydrogeology 1st 9th 2nd 5th 2nd 5th
Invasive Species 1st 5th 6th 4th 3rd 4th
Materials Science 12th 19th 9th 26th 5th 9th
Microbe Mission 21st 16th 13th 11th 8th 6th
Optics 14th 7th 3rd 15th 4th 2nd
Remote Sensing 2nd 2nd 5th 1st 3rd 2nd
Robot Arm 15th 25th 19th 16th 9th 8th
Rocks and Minerals 8th 2nd 8th 16th 3rd 1st
Towers 12th 17th 8th 18th 7th 9th
Wind Power 20th 29th 13th 6th 4th 1st
Write It Do It 21st 26th 36th 14th 27th 23rd
  • Only the best score from two teams is shown