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Maine is a state with a long, steady history of participation in Science Olympiad's Division C. Division B had a long pause from 2002 to around 2008. Recently, rather than letting Division B end in Maine again, the University of Maine stepped in as site sponsor and organizer of Division B's state tournament in 2011, and site sponsor and organizer of Division C's state tournament in 2014. The current State Director serves as the registrar for both divisions, and posts information and updates at

Maine At a Glance
Total teams 24
B Champion Medomak Middle School
C Champion Waynflete School
States location
State website


Maine has been part of Science Olympiad since the first years of national competition. Division C has always had a statewide tournament. After a long trend of Oxford Hills High School of winning back-to-back competitions or alternating up to 1995, Waterville Senior High School began an even longer streak that went for fifteen years. However, especially in the past few years, their margin of victory had been very small: and with more than 20 teams competing at the state event, extending their streak was quite a challenge. In 2011, their epic streak came to an end with Mt. Ararat High School's Blue team, a frequent runner-up, surging past the competition, with Belfast Area High School in a close second, closely followed by Waynflete School's Green team in third. 2012 expected a continuation of the competitiveness around the state with new schools joining competition, and didn't fail to provide that. Waterville Senior High School with much effort overcame tight competition to return itself to the top spot in a close race with Waynflete School Green, Cape Elizabeth High School, and last year's champion Mt. Ararat High School Blue.

2013 saw a clear victory for Waynflete's Green team which had been in the top 3 for many years. However, 2nd through 6th place was separated by only eight points, one of the most competitive years yet.

2014 brought a move for the C tournament up to city of Orono at the University of Maine, which would allow in future years for more teams to participate.

In the 2014 all-day struggle, Waynflete's Green team came in first with 70 points, followed by Waterville in second with 81 points.

Past State Champions

This is a record of the past state champions and runners up (where known), and their respective places at the national competition: Z indicates did not travel, X represents teams not qualifying for nationals. (Maine has yet to reach the threshold of a second team invite.) Scores at the state competition are not made available with tournament results--only rankings. The location of the National Tournament each year is included in the table to note the great distances which teams from Maine have travelled. Although a smaller population state, with a lower number of participating teams, Maine has always been represented in Division C at the national.

Year B Champion Natl Runner-Up N C Champion N Runner-Up N SONT site
1985 Yarmouth JHS Z Yarmouth HS 8 Mich St
1986 Yarmouth JHS 10 Old Town HS 16 Mich St (2)
1987 Yarmouth JHS 31 Bangor HS 17 Ohio St
1988 Jay JHS 33 Waynflete 27 Del St
1989 Jay JHS 35 Oxford Hills HS 30 Colorado
1990 Jay JHS 45 Oxford Hills HS 36 Clarion
1991 Jay JHS 48 Oxford Hills HS 42 Penn Valley CC
1992 Jay JHS 42 Oxford Hills HS 32 Auburn
1993 Jay JHS 37 Oxford Hills HS 44 Waterville Sr HS X So Colorado
1994 Jay MS 44 Maine Central Institute 39 Arizona
1995 Jay MS 48 Oxford Hills HS 38 Indiana
1996 Jay MS 51 Waterville Sr HS 48 Ga Tech
1997 Jay MS 50 Waterville Sr HS 46 NC St
1998 Jay MS 35 Waterville Sr HS 38 Grand Valley St
1999 Jay MS 51 Waterville Sr HS 44 Chicago
2000 Maranacook 50 Waterville Sr HS 33 E Washington
2001 Jay MS 53 Waterville Sr HS 38 Colorado-Colo Sprgs
2002 not held Z Waterville Sr HS 36 Delaware
2003 not held Z Waterville Sr HS 35 Ohio St (2)
2004 not held Z Waterville Sr HS 27 Juniata
2005 not held Z Waterville Sr HS 47 Illinois
2006 not held Z Waterville Sr HS 52 Indiana (2)
2007 not held Z Waterville Sr HS 37 Mt. Ararat HS X Wichita St
2008 Troy Howard MS 56 Waterville Sr HS 44 Mt. Ararat HS X Geo. Washington
2009 Troy Howard MS 54 Waynflete X Waterville Sr HS 47 Mt. Ararat HS X Augusta St
2010 Bonny Eagle MS 60 Waterville Sr HS 58 Illinois (2)
2011 Troy Howard MS 59 Medomak MS X Mt. Ararat HS 55 Belfast Area HS X Wisconsin
2012 Troy Howard MS 59* Medomak MS X Waterville Sr HS 58 Waynflete X Central Florida
2013 Medomak MS 60 Troy Howard MS X Waynflete 52 Waterville Sr HS X Wright St
2014 Medomak MS 58 Medomak 2 X Waynflete 48 Waterville Sr HS X Central Florida (2)
2015 Medomak MS 58 X Waynflete School 48 X Nebraska
2016 Waynflete School X1 Medomak MS 55 Waterville Sr HS (102) 50 Waynflete School (104) X Wisconsin Stout
2017 Medomak MS 57 X Waynflete School X2 Waterville Sr HS 50 Wright St
2018 Medomak MS 59 X Waynflete School 52 X Colorado St
2019 Waynflete School X1 Medomak MS Waynflete School X2 Waterville Sr HS Cornell
* Won National Tournament Division B Spirit Award
1 In 2016 and 2019, Medomak Middle School represented Maine at the National Tournament.
2 In 2017 and 2019, Waterville Senior High School represented Maine at the National Tournament.


Maine does not have regional competitions. It only has state competitions. The competition is separated in B and C by date and location.


Northern New England Invitational: February 8th, 2014 at Merrimack High School

State Competition

Division B

2015-2016: University of Southern Maine (Gorham, Maine)
2016 March 26, 2016
2015 March 21, 2015
2011 - 2014: University of Maine, Department of Physics & Astronomy (Orono, Maine)
2014 March 1, 2014
2013 March 16, 2013
2012 March 10, 2012
2011 March 12, 2011
2008 - 2010: Waynflete School (Portland, Maine)
2010 March 6, 2010
2009 March 7, 2009
2008 March 15, 2008
2002? - 2007: not held
1985 - 2001?: ? various locations

Division C

2015 - 2016: University of Southern Maine (Gorham, Maine)
2016 March 26, 2016
2015 March 21, 2015
2014: University of Maine (Orono, Maine)
2014 March 29, 2014
2007 - 2013: University of Southern Maine (Gorham, Maine)
2013 April 6, 2013
2012 March 31, 2012
2011 April 9, 2011
2010 April 3, 2010
2009 March 28, 2009
2008 April 5, 2008
2007 March 31, 2007
1985 - 2006 : Various locations, mostly MCI, Waterville Sr HS, Mt. Ararat HS, and Windham HS of which these are certain:
1997 Maine School of Science and Mathematics "MSSM" (Limestone, ME)
1996 Mt. Ararat High School (Topsham, ME)
1990 Maine Central Institute "MCI" (Pittsfield, ME)


Division B

Bonny Eagle Middle School
Falmouth Middle School
Glenburn School
Medomak Middle School
Mount Merici Middle School
Searsport Middle School
Troy Howard Middle School
Wagner Middle School
Waynflete School
Whittier Middle School

Division C

Bangor High School
Baxter Academy for Technology and Science
Belfast Area High School
Cape Elizabeth High School
Falmouth High School
Freeport High School
Gould Academy
Hebron Academy
Lincoln Academy
Lisbon High School
Maine Central Institute (MCI)
Maine School of Science and Mathematics (MSSM)
Massabesic High School
Medomak Valley High School
Mt. Ararat High School
Old Town High School
Oxford Hills High School
Searsport District High School
Thornton Academy
Waterville Senior High School
Waynflete School
Windham High School
Yarmouth High School