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General Information
Member of SO since
Total teams 53
Division B Champion Coolidge Middle School
Division C Champion Newton North High School
State Tournament Location


Massachusetts usually gets in the top 10 at nationals each year except for the 2008 year where the winning team got 17th place. In 2005 the winning team got 49th place which was a big surprise. Massachusetts is known for doing well at nationals especially in the building events.

State Results

Division B

Year First Place Place at Nationals Runner Up
2004 Coolidge 8th Curtis
2005 Curtis 49th Coolidge
2006 Coolidge 9th Curtis
2007 Coolidge 10th Curtis
2008 Coolidge 17th Curtis

Division C

i'll add info here later



  • Coolidge Middle School
  • Oak Middle School
  • Galvin Middle School




Assumption College, Worcester, MA March 14, 2009


Division B

  1. Galvin Middle School, Wakefield MA
  2. Coolidge Middle School, Reading MA
  3. ECMS, Sudbury MA
  4. Oak Middle School, Shrewsbury, MA
  5. William Diamond Middle School, Lexington MA
  6. Kennedy-Longfellow School, Cambridge MA
  7. West Somerville Neighborhood School, Somerville, MA
  8. Wayland Middle School, Wayland MA
  9. Boston Latin School, Boston MA
  10. Pioneer Charter School of Science, Everett, MA
  11. Roxbury Preparatory School, Roxbury, MA
  12. Kuss Middle School, Fall River, MA
  13. Innovation Academy, Chelmsford, MA
  14. Dudley Middle School, Dudley MA
  15. John Glenn Middle School, Bedford MA
  16. Chocksett Middle School, Sterling

Division C

I'll add info here later