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Meteorology is a weather-based event designed to give students a basic understanding of the weather and an understanding of why the "weatherman" is always wrong. Its topic changes every year between Climate, Everyday Weather, and Severe Storms. A basic knowledge of fronts and air systems, among other common Meteorology topics, is suggested for every year. It is currently only an event in Division B, and no equivalent exists for Division C.

The event is designed for up to 2 people.

Event Rotation

The topic of Meteorology changes from year to year.

Season Topic Supplementary Pages
2009 Climate Climate Notes
2010 Everyday Weather Everyday Weather Notes, EpicFailOlympian's Notes
2011 Severe Storms Thunderstorms, Hurricanes, Winter Storms
2012 Climate Climate Notes


The event does not allow any resources during competition, except for a piece of paper with notes (written/typed/double-sided etc.) and a non graphing calculator. This new rule change is because of the scandal that occurred at Nationals a year ago where one team wrote down all the questions on the test in their database and gave the database to another team (obviously presenting a problem).

Personal resources for studying prior to the competition are not restricted. You should have some sort of Meteorology textbook that has information about all three topics, so you can use it even after the topic changes. Other, more specific and advanced textbooks can also be useful to experienced participants. A useful tactic for studying is looking up topics on Google to get familiar with some subjects before going more specific. Wikipedia is also useful for this purpose.