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Michigan At a Glance
Total teams 461
B Champion Lakeshore Middle School
C Champion Grand Haven High School
States location Michigan State University
State website


Science Olympiad was started in Michigan on March 29, 1982 when Dr. Gerard J. Putz, the Regional Science Consultant at Macomb Intermediate School District, and John C. "Jack" Cairns, State Science Supervisor for Delaware Department of Instruction, shared the Science Olympiad program with Macomb County educators. The first two Science Olympiad tournaments took place in Michigan at Lawrence Institute of Technology in April 1983 and at Oakland University in May 1984.

Past State Champions

This is a record of the past state champions and runners up, and their respective places at the national competition.

Year Division B Champion B Champ Nats Place Division B Runner-up B Runner-up Nats Place Division C Champion C Champ Nats Place Division C Runner-up C Runner-up Nats Place
1985 Slauson Intermediate 1 Forest Hills Central 2 Seaholm 1 Athens 2
1986 Slauson Intermediate 1 Forest Hills Central 3 Seaholm 1 Troy 2
1987 Forest Hills Central 2 Jenison 3
1988 Forest Hills Central 2
1989 Forest Hills Central 2 Grandville 3 Madison West 2
1990 Grandville 2
1991 Grandville 1 Jenison 2
1992 Jenison 1
1993 Jenison 3 Grand Haven 1
1994 Grand Haven 1
1996 Grand Haven 2
1997 Grand Haven 1
1999 White Pines 14 Mason 12 Grand Haven 4 Forest Hills Central 32
2000 Malow 4 Jenison 17 Grand Haven 6 Forest Hills Central 8
2001 Jenison 4 Grandville 18 Grand Haven 9 Plymouth Christian 16
2002 White Pines 4 Lakeshore 27 Grand Haven 9 Troy 20
2003 White Pines 7 Lakeshore 4 Grand Haven 12 Eisenhower 16
2004 White Pines 7 Lakeshore 11 Grand Haven 2 West Ottawa 16
2005 White Pines 3 Lakeshore 4 Grand Haven 6 West Ottawa 5
2006 White Pines 2 Lakeshore 7 Grand Haven 2 West Ottawa South 13
2007 White Pines 4 Plymouth Christian 31 Grand Haven 3 Grandville 20
2008 White Pines 2 Heritage 24 Grand Haven 6 Plymouth Christian 20
2009 Lakeshore 10 White Pines 7 Grand Haven 2 Grand Rapids Christian 17
2010 Lakeshore 7 Jenison 30 Grand Haven 2 West Ottawa 17


Any detailed descriptions of each competition may be made here.


January 17th, 2009 Bishop Foley Invitational at Bishop Foley Catholic HS
January 31st, 2009 Clio Invitational at Clio HS
February 7th, 2009 Thornapple Kellog Invitational at Thornapple Kellog HS
February 14th, 2009 Frankenmuth Invitational at Frankenmuth HS
February 21st, 2009 West Ottowa Invitational at West Ottowa HS

Regional Competitions

Regional 1- Location: Northern MI University on February 14th, 2009
Regional 2- Location: Alpena CC on February 28th, 2009
Regional 3- Location: Mid-Michigan CC on March 21st, 2009
Regional 4- Location: Delta College on February 28th, 2009
Regional 5- Location: Mott CC on March 21st, 2009
Regional 6- Location: Lawrence Tech on March 14th, 2009
Regional 7- Location: Macomb CC on March 21st, 2009
Regional 8- Location: University of Michigan Dearborn on March 7th, 2009
Regional 9- Location: Washtenaw CC on March 21st, 2009
Regional 10- Location: Western Michigan University on March 14th, 2009
Regional 11- Location: Lansing CC on February 28th, 2009
Regional 12- Location: Grand Valley State University on March 21st, 2009
Regional 13- Location: Kalamazoo Valley CC on March 5th, 2009
Regional 14- Location: Lake Michigan College on March 4th, 2009
Regional 15- Location: Montcalm CC on March 21st, 2009

State Competition

2009 Location:Michigan State University on May 2nd, 2009


The brackets [] are used to provide links to the team pages. The goal is that over time, every team will have a wiki as well.

Division B

Ada Christian
All Saints Academy
Allendale MS
Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary
Baldwin MS
Black River Public School
Byron Center Christian School
Calvary MS
Calvin Christian MS
Chandler Woods Charter Academy
Coopersville Junior High School
Corpus Christi MS
Crestwood MS
Cross Creek Charter Academy
Duncan Lake MS
Dutton Christian MS
Eagle Crest MS
East Grand Rapids MS
Excel Charter Academy
Forest Hills Central MS
Forest Hills Eastern MS
Forest Hills Northern MS
Godwin Heights MS
Grand Haven Christian School
Grandville MS
Harbor Lights MS
Holy Spirit School
Hudsonville Christian MS
Immaculate Heart of Mary
Jackson Park MS
Jenison Junior High School
Kenowa Hills MS
Kraft Meadows MS
Lakeshore MS
Lamont Christian MS
Lee MS
M.L.King Jr. Leadership Academy
Macatawa Bay MS
Mill Creek MS
Newhall MS
North Point Christian MS
Our Lady of Consolation School
Plymouth Christian MS
Riley MS
Sacred Heart School
Sherwood Park School
Simpson Middle School
Sparta MS
St. Andrew's School
St. Anthony School
St. Jude
St. Patrick School
St. Paul the Apostle
St. Stephen School
Upton MS
Valleywood MS
Westside Christian School
White Pines MS

Division C

Allendale HS
Byron Center HS
Catholic Central HS
Central HS
Comstock Park HS
Dutton Christian HS
Frankenmuth High School
Franklin High School
Forest Hills Central HS
Forest Hills Eastern HS
Forest Hills Northern HS
East Grand Rapids HS
Grand Haven High School
Grand Rapids Christian HS
Grandville HS
Holland HS
International Academy
Jenison HS
Kelloggsville HS
Kenowa Hills HS
Lowell HS
NorthPoint HS
Plymouth Christian HS
Rogers HS
Sparta HS
St. Joseph HS
Unity Christian HS
West Catholic HS
West Ottawa HS

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