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Montana consistently sends one team to the national tournament from each division. It hosts its state tournament in the fall, rather than in the spring.

General Information
Member of SO since
Total teams 77
Division B Champion Corvallis Middle School
Division C Champion Helena High School
State Tournament Location Montana State University in Bozeman


Montana Science Olympiad began 25 years ago with only 20 teams attending the first state competition. In 1988, three years after Montana SO began, it began awarding trophies to the champions of a small school division.

Past State Champions

This is a record of the past state champions and runners up, and their respective places at the national competition, if applicable. Note that the years listed in the table are the years in which the corresponding teams attended the national tournament. These teams would have won the previous year's state tournament, as Montana holds its state tournament in the fall.

Year Division B Champion B Champ Nats Place Division C Champion C Champ Nats Place
1986 Florence-Carlton Middle School Bozeman Senior High School 37th
1987 Bozeman Junior High School 19th Helena High School 8th
1988 Bozeman Middle School 28th Helena High School 20th
1989 Bozeman Middle School 34th Helena High School 37th
1990 Big Timber Grade School 32nd Helena High School 29th
1991 Bozeman Middle School 8th Sentinel High School* N/A
1992 Big Timber Grade School 23rd Bozeman High School 35th
1993 Big Timber Grade School 47th Bozeman High School 26th
1994 Big Timber Grade School 41st Bozeman High School 20th
1995 Big Timber Grade School 34th Bozeman High School 36th
1996 Big Timber Grade School 44th Bozeman High School 39th
1997 Big Timber Grade School 46th Bozeman High School 38th
1998 Valier Middle School 33rd Valier High School 48th
1999 Big Timber Grade School 44th Valier High School 50th
2000 Sacajawea Middle School 38th Valier High School 43rd
2001 Big Timber Grade School 50th Valier High School 44th
2002 Big Timber Grade School 55th Fergus High School 53rd
2003 Big Sandy Junior High School 48th Bozeman High School 47th
2004 Big Timber Grade School 45th Sidney High School 53rd
2005 Big Timber Grade School 50th Fergus High School 56th
2006 Big Timber Grade School 47th Fergus High School 56th
2007 Big Timber Grade School 51st Fergus High School 57th
2008 Big Timber Grade School 51st Fergus High School 54th
2009 C.R. Anderson Middle School 56th Helena High School 55th
2010 Big Timber Grade School 55th Helena High School 42nd
2011 Corvallis Middle School 55th Helena High School 48th
2012 Clancy Middle School 47th Thompson Falls High School 60th
2013 Corvallis Middle School 53rd Billings Central Catholic High School 60th
2014 Corvallis Middle School 55th Helena High School 50th
*In 1991, Carter County High School represented Montana at nationals. They finished in 47th place.


Montana does not have regional competitions. It only has a state competition.

State Competition

Division B and C: Montana State University, Bozeman, Montana


Division B

Absarokee Middle School
Arrowhead School
Belgrade Middle School
Belt Middle School
Big Sandy Junior High School
Big Timber Grade School
Bonner Middle School
Centerville Middle School
Chief Joseph Middle School
Clancy Middle School
Corvallis Middle School
CR Anderson Middle School
Culbertson Middle School
East Middle School (Great Falls)
Fairfield Middle School
Frontier School
Hamilton Middle School (Montana)
Hardin Middle School
Harlowton Middle School
Hellgate Middle School
Heritage Christian School
Libby Middle School
Manhattan Junior High School
Monforton School
North Middle School
Noxon Public School
Park City Junior High School
Roosevelt Middle School
Saco Middle School
Sleeping Giant Middle School
St Joseph Elemenary
Sun River Valley Middle School
Target Middle School
Thompson Falls Junior High School
Three Forks Middle School
Utterback/Conrad Middle School
Valier Middle School
Victor Middle School
Willow Creek School

Division C

Absarokee High School
Belgrade High School
Belt High School
Big Sandy High School
Billings West High School
Bozeman High School
Carter Co High School
Centerville High School
CM Russell High School
Conrad High School
Corvallis High School
Culbertson High School
Fairfield High School
Fergus High School
Florence-Carlton School
Geyser High School
Hamilton High School
Harlowton High School
Helena High School
Heritage Christian School
Jefferson High School
Loyola Sacred Heart High School
North Toole Co/Sunburst High School
Noxon Public School
Park City High School
Reed Point High School
Saco High School
Sidney High School
Sun River Valley/Simms High School
Sweet Grass Co High School
Thompson Falls High School
Three Forks High School
Valier High School
Victor High School
Willow Creek School