Montgomery Middle School

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Montgomery Middle School at a glance
Member of SO since 1994
Best finish, regionals 1st, 2012-2014
Best finish, state 1st, 1995-2001
Best finish, nationals 15th, 2007

Montgomery Middle School is a school located in Montgomery Township (Skillman, Belle Mead, Princeton), New Jersey. Montgomery Middle School has won seven state titles, the second most of any Division B team in NJ. After 2001, they have consistently placed 2nd at the State Competition, losing to two-time National Champion West Windsor-Plainsboro Community Middle School. They went to Nationals from 1993-2001 and in 2007, placing as high as 15th in the nation. The school feeds into the Division C Montgomery High School. From 1997-2001, Montgomery Township School District sent both its high school and middle school to Nationals, representing New Jersey in both Divisions. In 2005, the team missed qualifying for Nationals by a mere four points, the same year that West-Windsor Plainsboro Community MS won Nationals. In 2007, the team lost by only twelve points, but qualified for Nationals due to teams withdrawing. That same year Community won Nationals again, and Montgomery MS earned its best results at Nats: 15th Place overall along with several individual event gold medals.

Year Regionals States Nationals
2017 2nd 3rd -
2016 1st 3rd -
2015 5th 2nd -
2014 1st 2nd -
2013 1st 2nd -
2012 1st 2nd -
2011 2nd 4th -
2010 3rd 2nd -
2009 4th 3rd -
2008 2nd 2nd -
2007 2nd 2nd 15th
2006 2nd 2nd -
2005 2nd 2nd -
2004 2nd 2nd -
2003 X 3rd -
2002 X 3rd -
2001 X 1st 16th
2000 X 1st 21st
1999 X 1st 23rd
1998 X 1st 36th
1997 X 1st 36th
1996 X 1st 22nd
1995 X 1st 41st