Muscatel Middle School

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Muscatel Middle School At a Glance
Member of SO since 2002
Best finish, regionals 1st, 2005-2009
Best finish, state 1st, 2006, 2009
Best finish, nationals 6th, 2009

Muscatel Middle School is located in Rosemead, California. It competes in the Los Angeles County Science Olympiad and the Southern California State Science Olympiad. The head coach is Jun Lugue, a seventh grade science teacher. The co-head coach is Jeff Tulley, and eighth grade science teacher. The team captain is Kelly Luc, an eighth grader.


Results since 2002
Year Place at Regionals Place at State Place at Nationals
2002 15th
2003 3rd 9th
2004 2nd 8th
2005 1st 2nd
2006 1st 1st 16th
2007 1st 3rd
2008 1st 2nd
2009 1st 1st 6th
2009 Scores
Event Place at Regionals Place at State Place at Nationals
Amphibians and Reptiles 4th 3rd 7th
Anatomy 1st 3rd 9th
Bio-Process Lab 1st 1st 30th
Compute This 4th 15th 33rd
Crave the Wave 1st 3rd 2nd
Disease Detectives 1st 2nd 10th
Dynamic Planet 3rd 4th 8th
Ecology 1st 1st 10th
Elevated Bridge 3rd 1st 12th
Environmental Chemistry 8th 2nd 28th
Experimental Design 1st 1st 4th
Fossils 1st 1st 15th
Meteorology 5th 6th 12th
Pentathlon 9th 1st 18th
Physical Science Lab 2nd 4th 20th
Reach for the Stars 2nd 5th 13th
Road Scholar 1st 5th 4th
Robo-Cross 1st 3rd 9th
Science Crime Busters 1st 2nd 9th
Scrambler 8th 2nd 10th
Trajectory 1st 12th 21st
Wright Stuff 7th 12th 32nd
Write It/Do It 6th 20th 57th
Total Score 72 105 373
Microbe Mission 17th

Team Members

  • Natalie Cao
  • Gary Chao
  • Aaron Chew
  • Ryan Ho
  • Lapman Hoi
  • Brady Huynh
  • Annie Lee
  • Jonathan Loc
  • Kelly Luc
  • Kevin Luc
  • Kevin Luong
  • Hanh Nguyen
  • Peter Rong
  • Stephanie Rangel
  • Mary Tan
  • Melody Thet
  • Bryan Thov
  • Jessica Tran
  • Samantha Tran
  • Linh Linh Trinh
  • Caryn Yip
  • Iris Zhang


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Rosemead School District

Olympiad tryouts give inquiring minds a workout[1] [2]

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