Nassau East Regional

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Nassau East Regional
State New York
Location Division Avenue High School (C)
Date February 2, 2019 (C)
B Champion N/A
C Champion Syosset High School
Website C

The Nassau East Regional Competition is a regional tournament in the state of New York. It encompasses teams in the eastern half of Nassau. Nassau East generally has approximately 40 competing teams.

Nassau East and West were formerly one region, however, that region became too large to host at a single site. Nassau was divided into two halves, with the western half remaining at Kellenberg Memorial High School. The eastern half settled at Syosset High School, but has since moved to Wantagh High School, and later to Division Avenue Senior High School, for hosting.

Results History

Division C Results
Year Champion Runner-Up Third Place Date Teams State bids
School States Place School States Place School States Place
2014 Syosset High School 4th Wantagh High School 36th Hicksville High School 28th February 1, 2014 6
2015 Syosset High School 5th Wantagh High School 32nd The Wheatley School 38th January 31, 2015 44 6
2016 Syosset High School 12th The Wheatley School 28th Division Avenue Senior High School 25th January 30, 2016 44 6
2017 Syosset High School 8th Jericho High School 23rd The Wheatley School 43rd February 4, 2017 44 6
2018 Syosset High School 7th General Douglas MacArthur High School 31st Wantagh High School 39th February 3, 2018 6
2019 Syosset High School 4th Jericho High School 20th Hicksville High School 39th February 2, 2019 41 6

Active Teams

These teams competed in the 2019 Nassau East Regional Competition.

Division C

Sanford H. Calhoun High School (1,2,3)
Division Avenue Senior High School (1,2,3)
Farmingdale High School (1,2,3)
Friends Academy (1,2)
General D. MacArthur Senior High School (1,2)
Hicksville High School (1,2,3)
Holy Trinity Diocesan High School (1,2)
Island Trees High School (1,2)
Jericho High School (1,2,3)
John F. Kennedy High School (1,2)
Locust Valley High School
Massapequa High School
Plainview-Old Bethpage John F. Kennedy High School (1,2,3)
Seaford Senior High School
St. Dominic High School
Syosset High School (1,2,3)
W. Tresper Clarke High School
Wantagh High School (1,2,3)
The Wheatley School (1,2)