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The Northern Florida Regional is a regional tournament hosted at the University of Florida in Gainesville, Florida. It serves the state's Leon, Wakulla, Jefferson, Madison, Taylor, Dixie, Hamilton, Lafayette, Suwannee, Columbia, Baker, Duval, Nassau, Clay, Alachua, Marion, Levy, Gilchrist, Union, and Bradford counties. The regional has been hosted for several years, starting at Florida Gateway College in Lake City, Florida before moving to the University of Florida for the 2018 season. While the tournament has always had a prominent number of Division B teams, it quite frequently had very few Division C teams or even none at all, in certain years. However, in the 2019 season, there was a significant rise in the number of Division C teams attending the regional, with 14 teams participating in that season. It has never held any trial events and has frequently not held a small, variable number of events.

The current Division B champion is the River City Science Academy, which has remained the champion of the tournament since 2016. At the state tournament, River City, does very well, and has qualified for the national tournament in 2018 and 2019. The current Division C champion is James S. Rickards High School, a school which has never won this tournament before.

Northern Florida Regional
General Information
Location University of Florida
Division B Champion River City Science Academy
Division C Champion James S. Rickards High School
Date January 19, 2019
Website Regional Site


Division B

Division B Results
Year Division B Champion B Champ States Place Division B Runner-up Division B Runner-up States Place Division B Third Place Division B Third Place States Place
2014 Stars Middle School (43) 37th (707) Fairview Middle School (43) 22nd (511) No other teams attended1
2015 Stars Middle School (52) 40th (419) Fairview Middle School (66) 26th (372) Lake City Middle School (75) 32nd (394)
2016 River City Science Academy (53) 4th (205) Lake City Middle School (83) 37th (409) New Springs Schools (95) 33rd (405)
2017 River City Science Academy (61) 6th (257) Fairview Middle School (84) 27th (400) Tallahassee School of Math and Science (89) 37th (415)
2018 River City Science Academy (55) 1st (157) Fairview Middle School2 (75) 17th (347) Timber Springs Middle School (96) 29th (384)
2019 River City Science Academy (56) 2nd (184) Oak Hall School (75) 9th (271) Fairview Middle School3 (128) 19th (354)
1 Fairview Middle School's second team (Team 2) came third with 47 points
2 River City Science Academy's second team (Rocks) came second with 75 points
3 River City Science Academy's second team (Rocketeers) came third with 107 points

Division C

Division C Results
Year Division C Champion C Champ States Place Division C Runner-up Division C Runner-up States Place Division C Third Place Division C Third Place States Place
2014 Union County High School (20) 39th (741) Dixie County High School (47) 38th (735) Bradford County High School (66) 40th (795)
2015 Division C was not held
2016 Division C was not held
2017 Dixie County High School (39) 39th (445) Paxon School for Advanced Studies (42) 40th (457) Baker County High School (42) 42nd (473)
2018 Dixie County High School (30) N/A Fort White High School (46) 41st (468) No other teams attended
2019 James S. Rickards High School (91) 20th (384) River City Science Academy1 (102) 27th (407) Buchholz High School (110) 9th (339)
1 James S. Rickards High School's second team (The Droids) came second with 101 points

Participating Schools

Division B

Fairview Middle School
Imagine Schools
New Springs Schools
Oak Hall School
P. K. Yonge Developmental Research School
River City Science Academy
Swift Creek Middle School
Tallahassee School of Math and Science

Division C

Baker County High School
Buchholz High School
Dixie County High School
Florida State University Schools
Fort White High School
James S. Rickards High School
Oak Hall School
P. K. Yonge Developmental Research School
River City Science Academy


Trial Events

No trial events have ever been held at this regional.

Events Not Held


Division B
All events were held
Division C
All events were held

Location History

Location History
Year Location
2014 Florida Gateway College
Lake City, FL
2018 University of Florida
Gainesville, FL
First season