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OMOS goes to Nationals...Again

Omos has won state 8 out of the last 10 years Omos doesn't do very well at nationals but has been on the podium a few times. What Omos really looks forward to doing at nationals is the swap meet and SWIMMING! Its alot of fun all goin to together but its also fun to compete. At state we took gold in 13 events Hi Sean Our whole entire team looks forward to learning every practice and competition We love it and try to continue legacy and pass it down to future Science Olympiads.

OMOS is one of the few Catholic Schools that goes to nationals. We compete so hard and do our best to go to Nationals. In Arizona, there is only 1 other catholic school . Our best events are Anatomy(1,3,4), Experimental Design(1,7,11), Road Scholar(1,2,5), Trajectory(1,2), and Junkyard Challenge(1,2) At Nationals, Junkyard and Experimental Design is our best shot at getting on the podioum. Our main goal at Nationals is to get the spirit award, get on the podioum, and have fun Win of the biggest so called kids is the beast William