Parkview High School

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Parkview High School at a glance
Member of SO since
Best finish, regionals 2003?-2009 ,1st place
Best finish, state 1995, 2003-2007, 1st place
Best finish, nationals 2005, 9th place

Parkview High has been one of the most dominant team in Georgia since 2002 when they placed second in the state competition and competed at nationals for the first time since 1995. Under the direction of coaches Phil "the Pheierman" Heier and Susan "Sparker" Parker, they went on to win state 5 years in a row, from 2003 to 2007, and finished 2nd in 2009 in a state competition wrought with controversy over placement of the top three teams. Overall, the team has competed at the national tournament 9 times, most recently in 2010.

Tournament Results

Year National State Regional
1995 24th 1st
1997 5th
2002 40th 2nd
2003 21st 1st
2004 14th 1st
2005 9th 1st
2006 20th 1st
2007 25th 1st
2008 4th
2009 24th 2nd
2010 24th 1st
2012 5th (173)
2015 6th 3rd
2015 10th (227) 2nd

National Tournament Medals

Year Medals
2010 Technical Problem Solving (1st), Chemistry Lab (5th)
2009 Environmental Chemistry (1st), Dynamic Planet (2nd)
2007 Disease Detectives (2nd), Physics Lab (5th), Health Science (6th)
2005 Cell Biology (2nd), Circuit Lab (2nd), Disease Detectives (3rd), Wright Stuff (6th)
2004 Remote Sensing (1st), Practical Data Gathering (3rd), Sounds of Music (3rd), Physics Lab (5th)
2003 Wright Stuff (1st), Remote Sensing (2nd), Bottle Rocket (6th)
2002 Practical Data Gathering (2nd), Dynamic Planet (5th)
1995 Unknown1
1 Results from this tournament are too incomplete to determine ranks.