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*Put together a puzzle
*Put together a puzzle
*5 legged race
*5 legged race
*Throwing a frisbee around in a circle
*Relay race
*Assigning 15 different plants to their respective quality - vegetable, fruit, flower

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This event is a mix of physical and academic challenges. There will be 5 physical and academic challenges to try and complete as quickly as possible. Team members will compete as a relay. Event will occur in all but hazardous weather.

Examples of Challenges


  • find the density of a solid
  • rank minerals by hardness
  • match specimens with phylum
  • sort planets in size/location
  • sort liquids by pH
  • list the most reactive element
  • name the least reactive elements
  • sort objects by density
  • label a plant and animal cell
  • order the planets by mass
  • Put waves in order by wavelength
  • Put identification classes in order (ex. Kingdom, Phylum...)
  • Match Scientists with discoveries
  • Putting items in timeline



  • bean bag throw
  • basket-ball dribbling
  • balance games
  • golf ball carried in a spoon over a distance
  • jumping rope
  • running with a ball between legs
  • sack racing
  • pogo stick hopping
  • Basket-ball shooting
  • soccer shooting
  • hula hooping
  • Jumping jacks
  • Riding tricycle around cones
  • Pushing something with broom
  • Mini-golf
  • spinning around in circles and ten walking in a straight line
  • doing forward rolls while holding the baton


Team Challenges


  • Passing a ball back and forth and shooting
  • Getting Hula Hoop around human circle (holding hands)
  • Group Skis
  • Put together a puzzle
  • 5 legged race
  • Throwing a frisbee around in a circle
  • Relay race


  • Assigning 15 different plants to their respective quality - vegetable, fruit, flower


Some good resources would be a general science textbook and/or an online quiz. You also will want to know your partners' stengths and weaknesses so you can decide who does what in the obstacle course.


General Quizzes

http://chemistry.about.com/od/testsquizzes/l/blsciencequiz3.htm?lastQuestion= New York Coaches Conference [1]