Piedmont Open IB Middle School

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Piedmont Open IB Middle School
Member of SO since 2010
Results History
Best regional 1st (2011-2023)
Best state 1st (2012, 2014-2019, 2021, 2023)
Best nationals 4th (2015)
Social Media
Website [1]

Piedmont Open IB Middle School is a Division B team from Charlotte, North Carolina.

The team was started in 2010 and had great success as the team advanced from Regionals - NC States - Nationals. They’ve continuously placed top 10 at Nationals, but fell considerably in 2019 placing 26th. They’ve also placed 1st and Regionals and States over 9 times!


Season Regionals State Nationals
2010 - 10th -
2011 1st 2nd 32nd
2012 1st 1st 20th
2013 1st 2nd 23rd
2014 1st 1st 9th
2015 1st 1st 4th
2016 1st 1st 13th
2017 1st 1st 7th
2018 1st 1st 6th
2019 1st 1st 26th
2020 1st Cancelled Cancelled
2021 1st 1st 8th
2022 1st 3rd -
2023 1st 1st 22nd
2024 2nd 2nd 18th
National Medals
Season Event Place
2012 Compute This 2nd
Crime Busters 1st
Food Science 1st
2013 Crime Busters 2nd
Disease Detectives 6th
Food Science 3rd
2014 Anatomy 3rd
Meteorology 4th
Simple Machines 1st
Water Quality 5th
2015 Air Trajectory 3rd
Crime Busters 4th
Dynamic Planet 4th
Experimental Design 5th
Green Generation 4th
Meteorology 3rd
Robo-Cross 2nd
Simple Machines 1st
Solar System 1st
Write It Do It 2nd
2016 Crave the Wave 2nd
Crime Busters 1st
Experimental Design 6th
Meteorology 5th
2017 Crime Busters 1st
Dynamic Planet 1st
Food Science 2nd
Hovercraft 1st
Meteorology 5th
Mission Possible 4th
Optics 4th
Rocks and Minerals 4th
2018 Battery Buggy 3rd
Crime Busters 1st
Dynamic Planet 4th
Hovercraft 4th
Mystery Architecture 5th
Optics 3rd
Road Scholar 2nd
Potions and Poisons 5th
Solar System 6th
2019 Anatomy & Physiology 2nd
2021 Disease Detectives 3rd
Anatomy & Physiology 6th
Digital Structures 4th
2023 Can't Judge A Powder 3rd
Crimebusters 3rd
Codebusters 4th
2024 Fast Facts 6th