Platte River Academy

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Platte River Academy

A public, charter, K-8 school in Douglas County, CO.

Platte River Academy
Member of SO since 2000
Results History
Best regional First
Best state Second
Best nationals 55th



2009 Medals-Regionals
Event Place
Compute This 3rd
Crave the Wave 3rd
Disease Detectives 3rd
Elevated Bridge 3rd
Experimental Design 2nd
Meteorology 3rd
Reach for the Stars 1st
Trajectory 1st
2009 Medals-State
Event Place
Reach for the Stars 2nd
Scrambler 1st


2008 Medals-Regionals
Event Place
Amphibians and Reptiles 1st
Anatomy 1st
Ballon Launch Glider 3rd
Crave the Wave 1st
Disease Detectives 2nd
Meteorology 3rd
Metric Mastery 2nd
Oceanography 3rd
Reach for the Stars 1st
Rocks and Minerals 1st
Science Word 2nd
Simple Machines 3rd
Tower Building 3rd
Trajectory 2nd
2008 Medals-State
Event Place
Metric Mastery 1st
Oceanography 1st
Reach For the Stars 1st
Rocks and Minerals 3rd
Science Word 1st
Trajectory 2nd