Raymond Park Invitational

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Raymond Park Invitational
General Information
Location Indianapolis, Indiana
Year started 2018
Division B/C
Date December 12, 2020
Website [1]

Raymond Park Invitational is a new invitational being held in Indianapolis, IN. Its inaugural tournament was held on December 8, 2018. The 2020 date will be December 12, 2020. This invitational runs for both Division B and Division C and has been described as "pre-state" by Indiana high school teams. Feel free to e-mail rpmsscioly@gmail.com with questions.


Division B

Year Champion Runner-up Third Place Fourth Place Fifth Place Teams
2018 Magsig Middle School Tri-North Middle School Northmont Middle School Carlisle Middle School Harshman Middle School 12
2019 Science and Arts Academy Tri-North Middle School Magsig Middle School Westlake Middle School Northmont Middle School 28

Division C

Division C Results
Year Champion Runner-up Third Place Fourth Place Fifth Place Date Teams
2019 Bloomington High School South (99) Munster High School (122) Carmel High School (128)
1 A second team and a third team from Munster High School finished fourth and sixth with 140 and 170 points respectively. A second team from Carmel High School finished fifth with 152 points.