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{{2017 National Trials}}
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{{2015 National Trials}}

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Event Overview

Roller Coaster was a Division B trial event for the 2015 National Tournament. The object is to create a roller coaster that has jumps and meets a time target.



The roller coaster must be on a flat base. The maximum dimensions of the base are 1 meter by .6 meters (60 centimeters). The roller coaster may not extend past the base. Also, the whole device(minus the 'train') cannot exceed 1 meter in height.


The track can be made of anything except for commercially sold tracks such as Hot Wheels. You have to be able to lift the 'train' off the tracks vertically at any point. For example, you could not use a pipe as your track, as you cannot access the train from the top in that case. Tall walls are allowed, however, as long as they follow the rule just mentioned. There can be no, one or two jumps on the track, which have jump obstacles. The jump obstacles are what the train goes over (as opposed to jumping over an empty gap). The jump obstacles need to have flat tops and sit flat on the base. However, you don't have to have jumps.


The train can be any object you like, so choose wisely. Some choices could be marbles, ping-pong balls, or even a toy car.

Time Target and Other Construction Rules

The roller coaster must be designed to take either 30 seconds or 60 seconds to complete a full run. It also must use a trigger mechanism to start the train.


You can use foam pipe insulation cut in half as the track. Then you can elevate it using wood dowels, attaching it to your base with hot glue, super glue, wood glue, nails, etc. In this method, a good train would be a marble or other small, round object. If you're not hitting the time target, try increasing or decreasing the weight of your train. Another method would be, similarly, PVC pipe cut in half with joints, though it would be harder to make turns. Those aren't the only methods, though- feel free to try things out on your own and find out what method works best for you!


The judges will confirm with you whether your Time Target is 30 or 60 seconds. You get 2 runs.

Helpful Links

A picture of a rollercoaster, found on the National SO website
An example score sheet, also from soinc.org