San Joaquin Invitational

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The San Joaquin Science Olympiad Invitational was a Division C invitational tournament hosted by Tracy High School and Merrill F. West High School, in late January, in Tracy, Northern California. The tournament was open to any registered Science Olympiad team (from any region/state), and covered all 23 Division C events.

Although titled San Joaquin Invitational, the Invitational is not run by the San Joaquin county, but instead be schools in the county. The San Joaquin county runs the regional competition for Divisions A, B, and C.

San Joaquin Invitational
Division C
Date January 20th, 2018
Year Started
Location Tracy, CA
Website [1]


Division C Results
Year Champion Runner-up Third Place Fourth Place Fifth Place Date Teams
2018 Mountain View High School (60) Monta Vista High School (68) Albany High School Milpitas High School Blue Milpitas High School Gold 1/20/18 16

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