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|Member since=2011
|Member since=2011
|Number of teams=3
|Number of teams=3
|Background color=LightGray
|Colors=<font color="Black">Black</font> and <font color="White">White</font>
|Captains=Yes, 3
|Captains=Yes, 3
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|Best state=4th, 2013
|Best state=4th, 2013
|Best nationals=
|Best nationals=
|Feed=Example High School
|Feeds into=Example High School

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Sandbox At a Glance
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A Sandbox!

Look! Sand! And boxes too!

<span id="Foo2 />

Image [[File:|200px]]
[[{{{info}}}|Detailed Information]]
Family Ginkgoaceae
Scientific Name Ginkgo biloba
Identification tips {{{idtips}}}
Region unknown
Conservation EN.png Endangered


oh happy!

Type: ?
Category: ?
Years: 2012-2013

<spoiler text="spoiler"> <spoiler text="spoiler2"> So you only need one end tag? </spoiler> <spoiler text="spoiler3"> How do you nest multiple then? </spoiler>


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Example Middle School

Location Example, Alabama
Member since 2011
No. of teams 3
Tryouts? No
Captains? Yes, 3
Best finish, regionals 2nd, 2015
Best finish, state 4th, 2013
Feeds into Example High School