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==Does Scioly.org have a chat function?==
==Does Scioly.org have a chat function?==
Yes! Please see [[Scioly.org:IRC]] for more information about Scioly Chat.
Yes! Please see [[Scioly.org:Discord]] for more information about our Discord server.
[[Category:Help Pages]]
[[Category:Help Pages]]
[[Category:Scioly.org-related Pages]]
[[Category:Scioly.org-related Pages]]

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For additional questions, see the forum FAQ's.

How do you get stars?

Stars are based on your forum post-count. Post-count increments when you post in a "useful" forum. Team forums, general chat, posting games, and other non-event/competition forums are not "useful".

  • 1 star - Joined forum
  • 2 stars - 10 or more "useful" posts
  • 3 stars - 50 or more "useful" posts
  • 4 stars - 150 or more "useful" posts
  • 5 stars - Moderators and Staff Emeritus
  • 6 stars - Administrators and Admins Emeritus

How do you get medals?

Medals are awarded for significant contributions to the site in the forum of pictures for the image gallery, articles and edits for the wiki, and code/utilities (like the scoretracker and prediction contest).

Why can't I log into the wiki?

You need an account on the forum to log into the wiki and it uses the same login information. If you have an underscore in your name, you will need to ask an administrator to remove it before you will be able to log into the wiki.

What is the user "Google [Bot]" and other [Bot] users?

These are the scripts that search engines use to map the information on the site so that it can be searched. The forum recognizes them and assigns them to their respective usernames.

Is there a limit to how many times or when you can edit a post?

There is no limit to the number of times that you may edit, but some of the forums have a limited amount of time from the time you post before the message can no longer be edited.

What does the green triangle on people's posts mean?

Note: Since the most recent forum update, a user's online status is now denoted by a banner on the upper right of their post reading "Online".

That means that they are online right now, have the forum open, and are not set to be invisible.

How can I put links, lists, etc. into my posts?

Please see Scioly.org:BBCode for more information.

What is the history of SciOly.org?

See the Scioly.org:History for a history of the Science Olympiad Student Center.

Does Scioly.org have a chat function?

Yes! Please see Scioly.org:Discord for more information about our Discord server.