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General Information
Year started2020 (August)
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The Monthly Event Challenges are a series of online competitions taking place on The first SMEC was run in the August of 2020. The event is run by a team comprised of Bernard, Sciolyperson1, 404ic, Builderguy135, Name, and Umaroth.

The team is looking for test writers! If you are interested, email (email).


Month Event Test Writer Participants Winner Notes Platform
July 2020 Codebusters Sciolyperson1 37 Umaroth This month's "SMEC" was not an official SMEC. Google Forms
August 2020 Codebusters Sciolyperson1 and Builderguy135 54 jkiplo First large-scale test of Scilympiad's test taking capabilities Scilympiad
Fermi Questions Name 28 Tychonoff First large-scale test of Scilympiad's test taking capabilities Scilympiad
Ornithology PacificGoldenPlover 39 SilverBreeze First large-scale test of Scilympiad's test taking capabilities Scilympiad
September 2020 Astronomy OrigamiPlanet 13 RobertYL - Google Forms
Experimental Design N/A N/A N/A MiniSO Format - Cancelled due to complications with rules Google Forms
Science Bowl dan.k.memes 35 thedoge and jlamslam Partner event Scilympiad
October 2020 Lean Mean Meme Machine Builderguy135 and Sciolyperson1 13 HugoTroop Pre-build topic was, on-site was Rules Replay Scilympiad
Machines Riverwalker88 20 thedoge - Scilympiad
Write It CAD It Sciolyperson1 10 imaditi and tranade Partner event, using FreeCAD Scilympiad/Email
November 2020 Cell Biology Jaspattack 23 jlamslam - Scilympiad
Circuit Lab Jaggie34 24 0sm0sis - Scilympiad
Pokemon Trivia Klebb 28 arnavsinghal - Scilympiad
December 2020 Algorithms and Heuristics RobertYL 8 yunghaldi and DylanEG Partner event, open internet Scilympiad
Chicken Breeds SilverBreeze 17 jaspattack Open internet Scilympiad
Detector Building imaditi 11 Throx - Scilympiad
January 2021 Codebusters Sciolyperson1 22 Klebb - Scilympiad
Dynamic Planet Pojoto 17 Hoatzin - Scilympiad
Fossils BennyTheJett and Hippo9 23 Hoatzin - Scilympiad
February 2021 Digital Structures bernard 8 Godspeed Used these modifications, not required to use competition mode SkyCiv
Quantum Quandaries RasmitDevkota 19 sund - Scilympiad
Water Quality Stenopushispidus 20 SilverBreeze - Scilympiad
March 2021 Algorithms and Heuristics RobertYL 3 Freed2003 Open internet Codeforces
Chiropterology SophisSyo and Sneepity 10 DragonTownEpic Open internet Scilympiad
Anatomy and Physiology Epithelium58 and fatf1sh 16 Mr.Epithelium - Scilympiad
April 2021 Machines Rotak 3 - Scilympiad
Science of Cancer Thegroundsloth Open internet Scilympiad
Future of Science Booknerd Open internet Scilympiad

Note that the July 2020 Codebusters Scrimmage was not a "SMEC" tournament, rather a separate event that lead to the start of August SMEC.

Past Tests

July 2020

  • Codebusters: [1] - Written by Sciolyperson1

August 2020

  • Codebusters: [2] - Written by Builderguy135 and Sciolyperson1
  • Fermi Questions: [3] - Written by Name
  • Ornithology: [4] - Written by PacificGoldenPlover

September 2020

  • Astronomy: [5] - Written by OrigamiPlanet
  • Science Bowl: [6] - Written by BrownieInMotion

October 2020

  • Lean Mean Meme Machine: [7] - Written by Sciolyperson1 and Builderguy135
  • Machines: [8] - Written by Riverwalker88
  • Write It CAD It: [9] - Written by Sciolyperson1

November 2020

  • Cell Biology: [10] - Written by Jaspattack
  • Circuit Lab: [11] - Written by Jaggie34
  • Pokemon Trivia: [12] - Written by Klebb

March 2021

  • Anatomy and Physiology: [13] - Written by Epithelium58 and fatf1sh

Past Results

July 2020

Codebusters Results

August 2020

Codebusters Results
Fermi Questions Results
Ornithology Results

September 2020

Astronomy Results
Science Bowl Results

October 2020

Lean Mean Meme Machine Results / Slideshow (with less lag)
Machines Results
Write It CAD It Results

November 2020

Cell Biology Results
Circuit Lab Results
Pokemon Trivia Results

December 2020

Algorithms and Heuristics Results
Chicken Breeds Results
Detector Building Results

January 2021

Codebusters Results
Dynamic Planet Results
Fossil Results

February 2021

Digital Structures Results
Quantum Quandaries Results
Water Quality Results

March 2021

Algorithms and Heuristics Results
Chiropterology Results
Anatomy and Physiology Results


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