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|[[User:Lumosityfan]] ||Active ||NJ
|[[User:Lumosityfan]] ||Active ||NJ
|[[User:SnekySneak]] ||Active ||WI

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WikiProject Tournaments of States

Welcome to WikiProject Tournaments of States! This is an on-going effort to improve the knowledge of various tournaments around the wiki. These tournaments span various divisions and levels of competition. This is the Scioly.org wiki's first WikiProject.

New editors are always welcome! Want to find something to do, whether a new or experienced editor? Check out the progress table below!


Feel free to add your name below!

Name Activity Projects
User:pepperonipi Active AL, AK, AZ, AR, CA(N), CA(S), FL, NY, PA
User:Tailsfan101 Active ID, MS, NE, ND, SC, VA, WA
User:Jaspattack Active MO, MT, UT
User:Jetline Active OH
User:Nydauron Active IL
User:Lumosityfan Active NJ
User:SnekySneak Active WI

New Participants

New participants are always welcome! There is no time commitment to this project, and you may complete as many or as few pages as you would like. Just add your username to the participants list above and have fun! :)

Editing Guidelines/Help


Examples of Good Navbox: Template:Tournaments of Georgia, Template:Tournaments of Pennsylvania
Examples of Good Invitational Page: Mountain House Invitational
Examples of Good Regional Pages: Bottineau Regional, Southwest Missouri Regional
Examples of Good Tournament Listings on State Pages: Idaho, South Carolina

Helpful Templates

Results Templates

Template:Invitational results box/Template:Irb row: Used to create results tables for invitational pages
Template:Regional results box/Template:Rrb row: Used to create results tables for regional tournaments
Template:State tournament results box/Template:Strb row: Used to create results tables for state tournaments

Infobox Templates

Template:InvitationalInfoBox: Creates an infobox for an invitational page
Template:RegionalInfoBox:Creates an infobox for a regional page

Misc. Templates

Template:Clear: Clears a column of content, used for adding a bunch of whitespace (see the template's wiki page for more info)

Getting Help

If you would like help in creating/completing pages, please start a new discussion on this project's talk page and another editor should be able to help you out shortly!

Good Places to Get Info


Please update this table as necessary!

Navbox: Indicates that a Tournaments of States Navbox has been made
Tournament Wiki Pages: Indicates that wiki pages were made for all tournaments (whether with little or a lot of information)
Info on Pages: Indicates that those wiki pages have a decently healthy amount of information (pages with little available knowledge are exempt from this)
State Page Updated: Indicates that the state page (such as Georgia) was updated to reflect the most recent tournament information
Navbox Tournament Wiki Pages Info on Pages State Page Updated
Alabama X
Alaska X
Arizona X
Arkansas X
California (North)
California (South) WIP WIP WIP X
Colorado X X X X
Connecticut X X X X
Delaware X X X X
District of Columbia X X X X
Florida X
Georgia X X X
Hawaii X X X X
Illinois WIP WIP X
Indiana X X X X
Iowa X X X X
Kansas X X
Kentucky X X X X
Louisiana X X X X
Maine X X X X
Maryland X X X X
Massachusetts X X X X
Michigan X X X X
Minnesota X X X X
Missouri X X X
Montana X X
Nebraska X X X
Nevada X X X X
New Hampshire X X X X
New Jersey X X X
New York X X X
North Carolina X X X X
North Dakota
Ohio X X X X
Oklahoma X X X X
Oregon X X X X
Rhode Island X X X X
South Carolina
South Dakota X X X X
Tennessee X X X X
Texas X X X X
Utah WIP X X X
Vermont X X X X
West Virginia X X X X
Wisconsin X X X X
Wyoming X X X X