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|2014-2015||Cy-Falls Invitational||2nd||3rd
|2015-2016||Cy-Falls Invitational||2nd||3rd
|||Langham Creek Invitational||'''1st'''||5th
|||Langham Creek Invitational||'''1st'''||5th

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About Us

Seven Lakes High School
Member of SO since 2009
Results History
Best regional 1st, 2011-2015
Best state 2nd, 2011-2015
Best nationals 6th, 2013

Seven Lakes High School is a Division C school located in Katy, Texas. The team was founded in 2009 and is student-led. In 2009, Seven Lakes had only one team until 2010, when they began having two teams. Both Beckendorff Junior High School and WoodCreek Junior High School zone to Seven Lakes.

The team heavily emphasizes teamwork and a laissez-faire work ethic. The team's main philosophy is independence and maturity while becoming educated citizens.


Year Competition Seven Lakes A Seven Lakes B
2009-2010 Cy-Falls Invitational 7th -
Regionals 3rd -
State 19th -
2010-2011 Cy-Falls Invitational 5th 2nd
Pflugerville Invitational 6th 4th
Regionals 4th 1st
State 2nd -
Nationals 31st -
2011-2012 Cy-Falls Invitational 1st 5th
Greenhill Invitational 1st 7th
TAMUG Regional 1st -
State 2nd -
Nationals 12th -
2012-2013 Cy-Falls Invitational 2nd 1st
Greenhill Invitational 1st 2nd
Wright State Invitational 3rd -
TAMUG Regional 1st 3rd
State 2nd -
Nationals 6th -
2013-2014 Cy-Falls Invitational 1st 2nd
Husky Invitational 1st 2nd
Wright State Invitational 1st 14th
Langham Creek Invitational 1st 2nd
TAMUG Regional 1st 2nd
State 2nd -
Nationals 7th -
2014-2015 Cy-Falls Invitational 1st 2nd
Kingwood Invitational 1st 2nd
MIT Invitational 5th 9th
TAMUG Regional 1st 2nd
State 2nd -
Nationals 13th -
2015-2016 Cy-Falls Invitational 2nd 3rd
Langham Creek Invitational 1st 5th
MIT Invitational 5th 13th
Kingwood Invitational
UT Regional
State -

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