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Solon Middle School At a Glance
Member of SO since 1987
Best finish, regionals 1st
Best finish, state 1st, 1997, 2004, 2006, 2009-2016
Best finish, nationals 1st, 2008-2013, 2015

Solon Middle School, located in Ohio, is one of the most successful teams in the nation. They have placed consistently at the regional, state, and national level. Solon Middle School holds the record for the most consecutive national titles in Division B and in all of Science Olympiad, winning 6 titles from 2008 through 2013. The Solon Middle School website can be accessed here.


They placed first at the national tournament held at George Washington University ahead of White Pines Middle School by one point. They also won the 2009 National Tournament at Augusta State University over ExCEL Homeschoolers by over 100 points. In 2010, Solon Middle School won the National Tournament at University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign over Arden Middle School by slightly over 20 points. In 2011, Solon Middle School, along with Solon High School, placed first in the nation at University of Wisconsin with 244 points. In 2012, Solon Middle School, along with Solon High School, placed first in the nation at University of Central Florida with 200 points. In 2013, Solon Middle School, along with Solon High School, placed first in the nation at Wright State University with a record 167 points. This was the first time in Science Olympiad history that the same school district has won both the Division B & Division C Science Olympiad National Tournaments for three consecutive years.

Solon Middle School has also placed 5th with 312 points at Juniata College in 2004 and with 253 points at University of Central Florida, 4th with 349 points at University of Illinois in 2005, and 3rd with 305 points at Indiana University in 2006.

Currently, Solon Middle School holds the record for lowest points scored at a National Tournament (152 pts) and the record for lowest points scored at Ohio's State Tournament (51 pts). For the success of Solon's Science Olympiad students and the thriving online business community throughout the city, Google Inc. named the city of Solon the digital capital of Ohio and conferred the 2013 eCITY award to Solon.

Solon Middle School feeds into Solon High School, which has a highly successful team as well. The middle school and high school teams interact on a consistent basis, maintaining close relations and supporting each other in terms of resources and motivation.

Team Setup

In order to become a part of the middle school team, one must take a tryout test. Most years, 30 students qualify with around 5-7 alternates. There have been some years where the team has allowed 45 students (3 teams) and some that had 31-32 students with no alternates, but instead used a rotation between the students to decide who was competing. Solon usually takes two teams to Regionals and most Invitational competitions. Eventually, that number is cut to 15 plus 4-9 alternates, as only one team from a school can be taken to states.

Contrary to popular belief, Solon Middle School does not have a class for Science Olympiad. The middle school has only one practice a week for two hours long. Students are encouraged to study on their own time, since students only officially meet once a week.

Solon Invitational

Part of Solon Middle School's success is due to the many invitationals it participates in. Annually, Solon holds their own invitational on the first Saturday of February. The Solon Invitational has been able to attract many powerhouse schools, including (highest placing at nationals in parentheses):

In the past, some considered the competition at Solon Invitational as the second most difficult tournament, only behind the National Tournament.

Results History

Since 2004, Solon has faield to qualify for Nationals only once.

Official Tournament Results
Year National Points State Points Regional Points
2017 3rd 201 2nd 106 1st
2016 5th 228 1st 109 1st
2015 1st 1521 1st 64 1st 63
2014 5th 253 1st 86 1st
2013 1st 167 1st 512 1st 73
2012 1st 200 1st 82 1st/2nd 464
2011 1st 244 1st 693 1st/4th 52
2010 1st 246 1st 88 1st/2nd 38
2009 1st 242 1st 73 1st/2nd 77
2008 1st 249 2nd 128 1st/3rd 63
2007 - - 3rd 113 2nd/3rd 75
2006 3rd 305 1st 130 1st/2nd
2005 4th 349 2nd 1st
2004 5th 312 1st 1st
2003 - -
2002 - -
2001 - -
2000 - -
1999 11th 2nd
1998 - -
1997 26th 1st
1 National Record for lowest points ever scored at the National Tournament.
2 State Record for lowest points ever scored in the state of Ohio.
3 Towers was excluded from scoring at the State Tournament.
4 Storm the Castle was excluded from scoring at the Regional Tournament.
Invitational Results
Year Piqua Northmont Kenston Magsig Solon InVIEW Mentor Roseville WL-S Wright State New Albany Lisle
2012 - 1st/2nd 1st/2nd 1st/2rd 1st/3rd - 1st/2nd - 1st/2nd 1st/4th 1st/2nd -
2011 - 1st/2nd 1st/2nd 1st/3rd 1st/4rd - 1st/2nd - 1st/2nd - - -
2010 - 1st/2nd 1st/2nd 1st/ 1st/ - 1st/2nd - 1st/ - -
2009 - 1st/2nd 1st/2nd 1st/2nd 1st/3rd 1st 1st - 1st/3rd - - -
2008 1st/3rd 1st/4th - 1st/2nd 1st/3rd 1st 1st 1st - - - -
2007 1st/2nd 2nd/3rd - 1st/2nd 1st/5th 1st 2nd 1st - - - -