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  • ...The belly, sides, and cheeks are silvery, while the dorsal side is a dark blue. Although it can contain high levels of mercury and PCBs, the bluefin is pr freshwater, they have blue and red spots; as an adult, they are silvery-blue and have characteristic black spots above the lateral line. The young feed
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  • | [[Jeffrey Trail Middle School]] (Blue) (96) | [[Hawthorn Middle School North]] Blue
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  • ...en seen to flatten the head and the anterior half of the body, much like a cobra. In some species, males will fight (sometimes wrestling and biting) when co ...and they have keeled scales. The stomach area can be white, yellow, green, blue, or brown. Garter snakes grow to 46-137 cm in total body length. Males are
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  • 2019 COBRA Invitational] 2018 COBRA Invitational]
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