St. Joseph's Catholic School

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Not to be confused with St. Joseph's School in Washington or St. Joseph School in Montana.

St. Joseph's Catholic School At a Glance
Member of SO since 1998
Best finish, regionals
Best finish, state 1st, 2019 (Most recent time)
Best finish, nationals 35th, 1999

St. Joseph's Catholic School is a Division B school which has qualified for the National tournament 15 times at the Idaho state tournament, most recently in 2019.

Results History

Year States Nationals
1998 1st 52nd
1999 1st 35th
2000 -
2001 -
2002 1st 39th
2003 1st 41st
2004 -
2005 1st 47th
2006 1st 49th
2007 1st 57th
2008 1st 47th
2009 1st 44th
2010 1st 47th
2011 2nd -
2012 3rd -
2013 1st 52nd
2014 1st 43rd
2015 1st 52nd
2016 1st 47th
2017 3rd -
2018 2nd -
2019 1st 49th

National Medals

Year Event Place
2019 Heredity 6th
2014 Sounds of Music 4th
2010 Solar System 6th
2009 Physical Science Lab 6th
2005 Naked Egg Drop 5th
2002 Crime Busters 3rd
2002 Metric Estimation 6th
19991 Mission Possible 2nd
19991 Battery Buggy 5th

1The old scoring system was used in this tournament. The results are adjusted to match the current scoring system.