Stoller Middle School

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Stoller Middle School
Results History
Best state 1st, (2015-2019, 2021-2022)
Best nationals 29th (2018)

Stoller Middle School is a Division B school in Oregon that has qualified for the last seven National tournaments, including the 2019 National Tournament. Though they haven't finished too high in National tournaments yet, their regular participation over the past few years has made them a formidable Division B school in Oregon. These average National finishes could be attributed to the fact that Stoller does not allow 9th graders to take part in their Science Olympiad program. Stoller feeds into Westview High School and Sunset High School.

Results History

Year States Nationals
2014 3rd -
2015 1st 37th
2016 1st 37th
2017 1st 39th
2018 1st 29th
2019 1st 35th
2020 N/A N/A
2021 1st (25) 44th
2022 1st