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There are no tests available for this event
There are no images available for this event
This event was not held last year in Division B
This event was not held last year in Division C

New Parameters

The following are new parameters for additional information

  • active: ONLY include this parameter if the event is being held for the current year. The title bar will change to green to signify that the event is currently being held.
  • type: This is the type of event as given by soinc's table. The types are (abbreviated for formatting): Life Science, Earth Science, Physics, Chemistry, Engineering, Nature of Science.
  • cat: This is the category the event falls under on the forum home page (Build, Lab, or Study)
  • B Champion: This is the winner of the event in B division the previous year at nationals. Do not include if this event just rotated in.
  • C Champion: The same as above

Additionally, the Best Of parameter is now gone. This may be added later.