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Physical Description
Fossil Range
Mode of Life or Habitat
Adaptations Over Time
Common Names
Additional Information

Template:Fossils - Documentation

A template designed for entries on the Fossil List.

  |Name= The name of the organism (only use for genera/subphylum when applicable)
  |Desc=A description of the fossil's appearance and how to distinguish it
  |Range= When this fossil appeared throughout time (e.g. Devonian to Cretaceous)
  |Tax= The taxonomy of this organism (e.g. Domain Eukaryota, Phylum Retaria, Subphylum Foraminifera)
  |Mode= Where or how this organism lived when it was alive
  |Adapt= Self-explanatory, how the organism changed over time (if applicable)
  |Distr= Where fossils of this organism can be found
  |Common= Any names other than the scientific name (e.g. Glycymeris, the bittersweet clams)
  |Misc= Any additional identifying information

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