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| '''Location''' || {{{Location|}}}
| '''Location''' || {{{Location|}}}
{{#if: {{{YearStarted|}}}| {{!}}'''Year Started''' || {{!}}{{{YearStarted|}}}
{{#if: {{{YearStarted|}}}| {{!}}'''Year Started''' {{!}}{{!}} {{{YearStarted|}}}
| '''Date''' || {{{Date|}}}
| '''Date''' || {{{Date|}}}

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B Champion N/A
C Champion N/A

Example usage at right.

State Vermont
Location T. Charles Clancy Institute of Technology
Year Started 20XX
Date April 34th, 2017
B Champion Welsh Nittany Middle School
C Champion Harrington High School
Website [1]


State: The state in which the regional tournament is located. Put double square brackets "[[]]" around the state name.

Location: The location of the regional tournament.

Date: The most recent (or upcoming) date of the regional tournament.

ChampionB: The most recent regional champion in Division B.

ChampionC: The most recent regional champion in Division C.

Website: If the region has a website, put it here surrounded with single square brackets "[]"