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:[[Arnold Middle School]]
:[[Arnold Middle School]]
:[[Beckendorff Junior High School]]
:[[Beckendorff Junior High School]]
:[[Cinco Ranch Junior High School]]
:[[Elgin Middle School]]
:[[Elgin Middle School]]
:[[Greenhill School]]
:[[Greenhill School]]

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Texas has a growing Science Olympiad program, with 2 teams from each division going to nationals each year. Its 184 teams competing at the regional level place Texas at 11th nationwide in terms of team registration numbers.

Map of USA Texas.png
Texas At a Glance
Total teams 184
B Champion Beckendorff Junior High School
C Champion LASA
States location Texas A&M
State website http://outreach.science.tamu.edu/scienceolympiad.asp


Texas Science Olympiad has been around for a few years now. Until recently, a similar set of schools have held top places in their respective divisions. Some top division B teams are Kealing, Westview, Woodcreek, Riverwood, Beckendorff, Austin Area Homeschoolers and Greenhill. Some top division C teams are LASA, Seven Lakes, Clements, CyFalls, Katy and CyWoods.

Past State Champions

This is a record of the past state champions and runners up, and their respective places at the national competition, if applicable. Scores at the state competition may be shown in parentheses.

Year Division B Champion B Champ Nats Place Division B Runner-up B Runner-up Nats Place Division C Champion C Champ Nats Place Division C Runner-up C Runner-up Nats Place
1992 Westview 25
1993 Lamar
1994 Westview 18
1995 Westview 8 Cypress Falls
1996 Westview 14 Cypress Falls
1997 Westview 15 Cypress Falls
1998 Westview 17 Cypress Falls
1999 Park Crest 33 N/A Langham Creek 21 N/A
2000 Park Crest 23 N/A Pflugerville-Connally 38 N/A
2001 Park Crest 36 N/A John B. Connally 17 N/A
2002 Park Crest 17 Kealing N/A John B. Connally 18 Langham Creek N/A
2003 Kealing 30 Park Crest N/A John B. Connally 28 Langham Creek N/A
2004 Park Crest 17 Kealing N/A Cypress Falls 37 John B. Connally N/A
2005 Kealing 40 Park Crest 19 Cypress Falls 20 LASA 30
2006 Kealing 30 Park Crest 24 Cypress Falls 33 LASA 31
2007 Kealing 25 Hyde Park Baptist 36 LASA 29 William P. Clements 32
2008 Kelly Lane 30 Kealing 20 LASA 19 William P. Clements 31
2009 Kelly Lane 42 Kealing 18 LASA 8 Cypress Falls 39
2010 Beckendorff 8 Riverwood 32 LASA 7 Cypress Woods 37
2011 Riverwood (64) 20 Beckendorff (94) 17 LASA (73) 9 Seven Lakes (111) 31
2012 Beckendorff (50) Riverwood (133) LASA (84) Seven Lakes (97)



CyFalls (Divisions B and C)
Greenhill (Divisions B and C)
Hopper (Division B)
Westview (Division B)
Decker (Division B)


Galveston Regional - Texas A&M, Galveston
UT Austin Regional, Austin
Tartleton Regional, Stephenville
Rio Grande Valley Regional - South Texas College, McAllen
TAMIU Regional, Laredo
Houston Regional - Robert M. Beren Academy, Houston
Dallas/Ft. Worth Regional - North Lake College, Dallas
Gulf Coast Regional - Lone Star College, Houston
Corpus Christi Regional - Texas A&M, Corpus Christi
Panhandle Regional - Texas A&M, Canyon


Texas A&M

2011 B Results

2011 C Results

State Trial Events


Division C

Chem Clue
Picture This
Radio Lab
Topographic Map Reading
We've Got Your Number

Division B

Egg Drop
Science Word
Triple E
We've Got Your Number


Division C

History of Science
Nuclear Science Lab
Picture This
Shock Value

Division B

Egg Drop
Food Science
Science Word


Division C

History of Science
Nuclear Science Lab
Picture This
Shock Value

Division B

Helicopter Duration
Science Word
Texas Wildflowers
Triple E
We've Got Your Number


Division C

Atascocita High School
Bellville High School
Clements High School
Connally High School
Crosby High School
Cypress Woods High School
Cypress Falls High School
Cypress Springs High School
Design And Technology Academy (DATA)
Humble High School
Hyde Park Baptist High School
Katy High School
Kingwood High School
Langham Creek High School
Pflugerville High School
Seven Lakes High School
Tolar High School

Division B

Arnold Middle School
Beckendorff Junior High School
Cinco Ranch Junior High School
Elgin Middle School
Greenhill School
Hyde Park Baptist Junior High School
Hutto Middle School
Kealing Junior High School
Kelly Lane Middle School
Labay Middle School
New Caney 6th Grade Campus
Park Crest Middle School
Riverwood Middle School
Truitt Middle School
West Memorial Junior High School
Westview Middle School
Wood Creek Junior High School


Past Results: Places 1-4 from 2002 through 2010