The Charter School of Wilmington

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The Charter School of Wilmington
Member of SO since
Results History
Best state 1st, 2000-2015
Best nationals 10th, 2007

The Charter School of Wilmington is a Division C team in Delaware. They have placed first at the state competition every year since 2000, and they consistently place well at nationals. They also attend several invitationals, including the Tiger Invitational.


Year State National
2000 1st 24th
2001 1st 13th
2002 1st 14th
2003 1st 18th
2004 1st 19th
2005 1st 14th
2006 1st 15th
2007 1st 10th
2008 1st 14th
2009 1st 19th
2010 1st 33rd
2011 1st 20th
2012 1st 13th
2013 1st 22nd
2014 1st 24th
2015 1st 21st